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  1. PDK

    Heyyy Helllo !

    hello everyone, for now, I have a lot of work at home, and little time to play a little ... but I will play soon, take care of yourself
  2. PDK

    Heyyy Helllo !

    hey Top :) hahaha thx :D yep all is good ^^ i m happy to come back , happy to see in leaderboard lot of nickname like few years later . hope to see u soon
  3. PDK


    Hello Geek , hey we comeback together . for me after a car accident ... Nice to see ur name , remember me few years ago
  4. PDK

    Heyyy Helllo !

    thx psychoppappppyyy , and kate , yeah i'm coming back from hardlife ^^ yep , i will play later , perhaps tonight ^^
  5. Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I came back to the website, or servers ... can be more than 2 years ... so much has happened during this time ... work, life, computer burnt, a car accident = long months of inactivity ... I'm glad to see that the site is still alive, I will spend some games on the servers soon, I found my file wolfenstein ETS. I wish you a good day . see you soon :D (lol I saw that Odin.dk is still on the game :) time to kill him)
  6. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdiSSV8eeaY
  7. PDK

    Bier NL

    at first i invit him in same time of dirkk , and one player more but i dont remember who ???? sure , it's a welcome from welcome of welcome , then .. welcome NL bro like dirk , very good player , fairplay , polite , comic , i play with hilm since years >>>>> YES
  8. PDK


    of course yes , i do invit to dirk last month . im happy to have him in clan cuze , is really a good fairplay player
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