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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Author Qualmi Small CTF Map
  2. just delete the uje_xmasmaps_extra.pk3 and z_webchristmas.pk3 in your et main folder example I:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory EtsKate\etmain or watch your et silent folder I:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory EtsKate\silEnT
  3. Version 1.0.0


    updated version 25 dec 2015 changelog fixed: -fixed script errors -moved materials on 2nd bridge -added wall at 1st bridge -changes to tunnel and cave spawn -clip so you cant run over mountain at tentspawn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Axis escort map Made by Thunder credits to: - Teuthis for help on terrain shading - Mateos for help on waypointing questions - Macchute for help on finding wintertree models - Kuna for his HUT prefab well the whole twt crew really with informative feedback. This is the only version I will release of this map, bugs or no bugs! Story line: Axis forces needs to get the truck to the ammo depot and get the ammo onto the truck and further to the base on the other side of the alps. meanwhile Allied forces has comed by ski to a nearby hut to sabotage the mission at any means. Have fun and a really merry Christmas!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    works with silent 0.90 ( added in etmain instead at silent folder ) thanks to the web clan to share this xmas skins pack with others
  5. Version 1.0.0


    works with silent 0.90 ( added in etmain instead at silent folder )
  6. Version 1.0.0


    [UJE]Rotterdam xmas 5-12-2015 By [UJE]Niek Adjusted version of Rotterdam for Xmas , so i hope you all like this one and get a warm feeling playing it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Allies have liberated the Harbor of Rotterdam and are using it's valuable ports. The Axis are attempting to reclaim the city by stealing top secret war documents from the Allied Cargoship, and transporting them out of the harbor with a stolen boat. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Axis objective *Capture the flag *Destroy the power generator *fix commandpost *Build the Ship Bridge *steal the secret document *Steal the Boat *Escort the Boat Allied objective *Capture and Hold the flag *Defend the Power Generator *Prevent Axis from building a Ship Bridge *build commandpost *Prevent the axis from stealing the secret document *Prevent Axis from escaping with the boat ----------------------------------------------------------------- More [UJE] maps: You can see the info about our other maps on our website ----------------------------------------------------------------- [UJE]Clan site www.ujeclan.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- for campaigncycles the map is called UJE_rotterdam_xmas ----------------Credits------------------------------------------- The maker of these wonderfull boat models blackraynestudios for again some nice models to fill the map And too everyone who put in alot of time to keep this game alive. Thanks,
  7. i tried with youtube link when u try to post you show for a centieme second the youtube and you have back only the youtube link
  8. yes i will visit you sometimes , wich servers/ mods did you run ? if u need xmas maps etc you will find them in our download section
  9. Version 1.0.0


    [UJE]Amsterdam xmas 14-09-2011 By [UJE]Niek The axis are trying to steal a very important document from the bank , the allied forces have to prevent them to escort the tank to the bank so that they can't blow the bankdoor Axis objective *escort the tank *blow up 2 baricades *fix commandpost *blow up side entrance *blow the safe door *steal the secret document *send the secret document Allied objective *stop the axis tank *build baricade 1 *build baricade 2 *build commandpost *build side entrance *Prevent the axis from stealing the secret document More [UJE] maps: You can see the info about our other maps on our website [UJE]Clan site www.ujeclan.com for campaigncycles the map is called UJE_amsterdam_b2 ----------------Credits------------------------------------------- too everyone who put in alot of time to keep this game alive
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Meyerinchains's grinch skin pack adapted to the latest nq version. Tested on nq v1.2.9 That pack made on 30.10.2010. - including Meyerinchains's grinch skin pack !!!Activate g_realism 4 bitmask in your server config (Covert Ops will inherit opponent's facial features (head) when stealing a uniform (1.2.8 and higher) ) to ensure the best covert experience with grinch!!! and - included Bremen Winter mod - added some snowy textures for different maps - added santa style build sound - added snow_on_battery_v1 mod - champaing mortar bullet and snowball nade - mortar with snowman bullet - added cookie style medpack (like the aura sprite, by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) - santa rocket ((by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) + weap file for the proper popup message - xmas tree with stars ornament (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) - xmas truck ((by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta with a little bit modification) - goat sound changed to xmas style wav - added Easy Company's smoke mod with stars - included fix for basereace winter map - snowman on Baserace map (by |>B<|WingWong and |>B<|peyote) - ribbons on ammo/medic packs - team colored santa hats - xmas themed sounds, ingame sounds (few of them by Hewster from Santamod) - xmas colored effects - xmas themed satchels and mine flags Molotov
  11. Version 1.0.0


    xmass skins , working with nq but seems buggy with silent 0.90
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Author: DiabLo[PooL] Real name: Mattia Mazzucchelli Email address : wundabar@email.it That's a beta version Please mail me every bug, comment and feedback Copyright © 2006 This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. 13 June 1944,* The Axis intelligence is holding a secret document in a prison on a isle near the italian coast.Hidden in the darkness of the night the allies are going to infiltrate the prison and steal the secret document!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Title Tiger! File name tiger_110.pk3 Map name tiger Version 1.1.0 (Created August 2006) Author 2Bit (www.tibetclan.com) Other 2Bit maps Breakout Glider Assault TankBuster British Bulldog 6Flags 110 Factory 2Tanks Ludendorff Bridge - available from www.tibetclan.com or www.pythononline.co.uk/et Nbr of players Recommended 6-20 per team Installation Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder. Scenario Late June 1944, France. An Allied convoy must pass through a small french town as part of the push east. Their route takes them within range of ace tank commander SS-Obersturmfuehrer Michael Wittman in his Tiger tank. Allied infantry must attempt to neutralize the Tiger as the vehicles pass though the town. Axis infantry must support the Tiger as it tries to destroy the Allied motorized convoy. Allied Victory Allies win if they escort 3 of the 5 convoy trucks to safety. Axis Victory Axis win if the Tiger destroys 3 of the 5 convoy trucks. Gameplay The Allies must escort their convoy, one truck at a time, safely through the village to safety. The Tiger will not hunt for a truck until it first moves from the allied spawn. Only engineers can escort a truck (including Axis engineers, to prevent allies from playing a holdup game and letting the timer expire without bringing out the next truck). The Tiger tank moves independently, without player escort, and actively hunts the trucks. It is much stronger than normal tanks, and can fire its main cannon at allied soldiers if the opportunity arises. If the Tiger gets line of sight to a truck, is not at point-blank range and not prevented from firing (see below) it will fire at and destroy the truck. The Tiger cannot fire behind it. A truck may find safety at a corner because the Tiger may come across it at point-blank range and be forced to withhold fire and pass it by. Allied Field Ops can send false radio signals to the Tiger ordering it not to fire at trucks. Axis Field Ops can countermand the false radio signals. Allies can destroy the radio mast. The Tiger will return to base and no further orders can be issued to it until the mast is repaired. So it is an important allied tactic to first send the false orders. Axis can deploy fuel into depressions in the road in the path of the trucks. Once ignited this forms a temporary fire barrier to the trucks. But if they deliver the fuel too early to the roadside, the allies may ignite it so that it burns out harmlessly. When the truck advances sufficiently, an allied forward spawn flag becomes available. It is removed again when the truck escapes or is destroyed. Also at this time, for 30 seconds, fast routes are available for the allied players to get them back to the spawn (without having to self kill) ready for the next truck. Each truck picks the route to follow (one of two) which is furthest from the tank's current position. Gamemodes Objective, Stopwatch. Thanks to Splash Damage and Activision for everything. Detoeni, Drakir and Iffy for their excellent models. The textures were drawn from many sources, so I'd like to thank the following for their invaluable contribution: LeMog, DaveGH, BerneyBoy, Uchronic, Blushing Bride, Chavo One, Massive and StormShadow. Anyone else whose texture I may have inadvertently used. TibeT Clan and associates for testing and feedback.
  14. Adminbis


    Version 1.0.0


    Esta es la version beta_1.0 del mapa TNTArena creado para el clan TNT. los fps estan asegurados a 76, mientras en 125 es inestable con graficas de gama baja. Debo agradecer a Stratos su colaboracion por la foto en grupo. y tambien un agradecimiento a los miembros del clan por su apollo. El mapa surge de una idea que me proporciono TNT|*Kase.xD Espero que lo disfruten. Psico-LogiC Cualquier Duda, idea o demas dirigirse a: http://clantnt.com/forotnt/index.php // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Los Axis deben robar la llave, entregarla junto al Oro y dejar su Oro en su vehiculo. Ademas impedir que el enemigo haga su objetivo." // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Los Aliados deben robar la llave, entregarla junto al Oro y dejar su Oro en su vehiculo. Ademas impedir que el enemigo haga su objetivo."
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