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  1. Welcome back, see you around!
  2. Doink:

    crash on map loading:

    sv_wwwDlDisconnected "1"




    slow downloading:

    seta cl_allowDownload “1” [perhaps enough]
    seta cl_wwwDownload “1”  [expand with if problem persists.]


    Edit: added Doink's name and ===

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      I arrived by notification

    3. Napoleon


      Oh? You get updates of my profile things? Didn't know that was a thing. Good to know, thanks Luis! :anim_16:

    4. Napoleon


      Havent had the old 0.2 - 20 kb/s since the change, labeling the change a succes! :cheerleading-smiley-emoticon:Will make it into topic as soon as I can be bothered!:2182:

  3. This is guy is an electrical engineer, with a bachelor and master in applied science. He just shows in a playful way how electronics work and its dangers. He is just very passionate about what he does, just a typical engineer. I wouldn't be surprised if he has an intuitive grasp of what's going to happen when he plans it. Otherwise the danger can always guesstimated after calculations (see graph and table below). There is a reason he's still alive, because he knows exactly what he's doing (according to his site: most of the time anyway). He also bids his viewers to not blindly copy his videos. On top, to my knowledge anti static gloves only prevent ESD: the destruction of small electrical components that fry on atomic scale by electrical charge build up in your body. Just don't copy it and think you're safe by wearing anti static gloves. They won't protect you, they protect the hardware from you. Source + description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_injury Log-log graph of the effect of alternating current I of duration T passing from left hand to feet as defined in IEC publication 60479-1.[20] AC-1: imperceptible AC-2: perceptible but no muscle reaction AC-3: muscle contraction with reversible effects AC-4: possible irreversible effects AC-4.1: up to 5% probability of ventricular fibrillation AC-4.2: 5-50% probability of fibrillation AC-4.3: over 50% probability of fibrillation Source:https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-maximum-voltage-a-human-can-withstand Edit: added comma
  4. I like watching his videos occassionally. He's brilliant enough to exactly know when he can fuck about. prettig gestoord ftw!
  5. Updated with findings :) Edit: Top I know also why the IRC thing popped up. I connected to the ETS ET:L server before I came to the main. Apparently going to the ET:L server starts the auto connect to IRC. Leaving that server and going to main, doesn't disconnect you.
  6. Cool, curious to know whether it benefits you. Ha, firefox for the win! Firefox user here too. My reasoning is out of privacy concerns.
  7. Apparently there is built-in IRC in ET:Legacy. Yesterday I came across a message in my console that a user disconnected from IRC while playing on the main server. So I looked into it. There is a setting, see screenshot. Edit1: added screenshot, Edit2: added edit1 and edit2 Edit3: I found out how it works! It's very cool. You can connect to IRC server with your ET:L client and send and receive messages from there. I have included a screenshots of the built-in commands. Edit4: included screenshots of messages, as seen in console
  8. No idea. It was a problem that never occured when I ran the normal enemy territory. I've looked into it. because I wasn't sure what rate was exactly changed. But apparently the rate is linked to your server connection. Lower rate is more suitable for bad connections. In the ET legacy case I feel like there is an old dependency causing some issues, resulting in a crash. By all means give it a shot, and update with the result.
  9. /rate 34000 Don't know why, but it seems to work for Kyrbj and me so far. If you're suffering from the same give it a shot.
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