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  1. HI,

    I very happy to join this clan

    very funny and great family

    1. Bier


      Good to hear! Thanks for sharing that!
      We need as many people we can to keep the server and this game alive!!

  2. Hi There,

    You're a couple? :-)

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    2. Ets icpower

      Ets icpower

      let me know how to post the question in red for write ets in my nickname please



      I Bier    ic power is my best old friend and sam mckerr to



    4. Bier


      I already had the idea you guys were at least friends.. :-)

      To make up your nickname with colors we have this tool on the forum: Nickname Generator
      Click on it, color up your name, and below the box with your name in colors you see the code to enter in the game.
      Please post on the forum if you need more help...!

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