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  1. Velocity


    Yes I read the instructionsn thank you very much. :-) greetings
  2. Velocity


    // Basic Info // Invited By: [ETS]Kate Player Name:Velocity Real Name:Steven Vancamp Location:Belgium/Antwerp/Mol Gender:Male Age:30 // Reason you Want to Join // Answer Questions // / Section 1 / What is the best thing about our Servers? : A lot and new maps and the players are nice, When I found this server I never played somewhere else. What is your opinion on the following things? - The Map Rotation: Fair for everyone - The Regulars on the servers: everybody's welcome - The Ets Members on the servers: nice and friendly people to play with / Section 2 / Reason you Want to Join / To have more power on the servers? : (yes/no) no To be part of a friendly community of Gamers? : (yes/no) yes Other reasons (give them):Because I play wolfenstein since the start of it, played in clans before, I allmost forgot all the fun Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? : (yes/no) yes Clan Name and Reason for leaving? (if yes to above question): We ran out of number and the clan leader didn"t want to start over again. Clan name is a good question because for me it's allmost more then 10 years a ago. // Other Questions // Do you have Skype? :Yes, but need to buy new headphone I suppose Do you have Discord? never heard of before , In my days it was teamspeak or something I think How many (hours/day) do you play ET? :At least 4 to 8 How many (hours/week) do you play ET? :Depends how much I have to work mostly I play at nights or mornings 60 hours at least I think, somethimes all day. Preferred Class:Engineer Primary Weapon:Thompson Backup Class:Medic/field ops Secondary Weapon:Luger/ colt / Sten / M1 Garand Hobbies: producing/Dj/Listening music , gaming, Cocktails, Coffee , Beer , Strong Liquers , Wine / Champagne , Cognac , Whisky , Gin etc ... favorite Movie: Making contact / A film by Richie Hawtin What kind of music do you listen to: Everything , Especially (Techno / Minimal)
  3. Velocity


    Hello there ! Kate is spectating me for allmost one month or something and she keeps asking me to join. So If its oke for you people I would love to? greetings Velocity
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