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  1. I forgot to mention the allies had Not started building the bridge until the tank was past the middle of the bridge. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the tank floating across where the bridge should have been.
  2. While I was Working on the bot files I got to watch this

    © c4w

  3. I have never seen the tank do that, Thats cray-zzzzzy
  4. Kicking Your Computer is a bad idea, :o( I too got mad and then kicked my bot server. NO more bot server, I killed the PC. oops! So I had to make another server out of the PC's laying around the house. Technically they are all newer and more powerful than the old bot server. But the old bot server did work fine, so why upgrade what worked. Until I kicked it and BROKE IT ! Now it dont work. The new bot server is up and running now, but I have No XP :o( The old server had 1 gig mem and Duel 2.3 ghz Intel Xeon processor's. The new bot server has 3 gig mem in window xp pro and duel core intel 3.2 ghz processor.


    I agree :o)
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