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  1. Lo siento, Luis, ¬°eran las 3 de la madrugada y tuve que ir a la cama!



      Te entiendo mi amigo.

      Me puse feliz y luego triste en menos de 15 segundos.spacer.png

  2. Bier


    Hey Senji I already met you on the server. Great player! Welcome over here!
  3. Bier

    Harvester Of Sorrow

    Pappy... Really.... If I wasn't already a bit disturbed by your preferences, this just tipped me over! ;-)
  4. Yes... He was dearly missed indeed! You have the flu? Isn't it always sunny in Mexico??
  5. Come on up then, and I'll make you a Harvester Of Sorry... :-)
  6. Bier

    Harvester Of Sorrow

    Beautifull creatures!
  7. Sweet! A bit bright for in the middle of the night, but nice!
  8. Bier


    Whoa! We haven't had a winter like that in 40 years, and no one over here is complaining. When I was a kid in the 70's every winter there was snow and ice, but nowaday's temperatures hardly come close to 0'C...
  9. You don't like a good fresh cold beer? I wonder where the coffeeshop is in this map. After all the map is made by Dutchies... :-)
  10. Yes indeed! But I still did not have those Tamales yet... :-( You understand how to use the needle! And how to be a smartass every now and then... :-)
  11. And those flesh eating plants are a hazard too! Cooking can be a science too! Good cooking can win everyone's heart, good science only the ones that grasp it.
  12. Very thorough assertion again, Napoleon. Is this your field?
  13. Bier

    IRC in ET:Legacy

    Nice sleuthing, Napoleon! Seems like a cool function, but it looks like it's most usable for developers...
  14. Yes.... We need to keep Mozilla's Firefox alive, for the same reason as Napoleon's!
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