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  1. Wolf Enstein

    14 july 2019

    Yes, Macron is a globalist pig who hates all European nations. He fully supports the Rothschild Central Bankers and their European Soviet Union project:
  2. Wolf Enstein

    14 july 2019

    What are the protests about, Kate?
  3. Good grief, Wreckdum is actually a real player, I was sure the name was bogus and never activated his account on "Splatterladder" .
  4. The first video review of Vanguard: Normandy 1944:
  5. I play "Post Scriptum" now, Kate, a far superior game .
  6. I don't know, Kate, I don't play "Day of Infamy" anymore. Here's 4 new weapons screenshots from "Vanguard: Normandy 1944" :
  7. We'll get this news advertised on "Splatterladder" and "Wolffiles" very soon, Thunder.
  8. Great to see that you lads are still up and running, Thunder .
  9. Wolf Enstein


    Congratulations on joining the ETs Clan, Dan .
  10. Yes, it will be released on "Steam" soon, for about £15.
  11. It's much smaller than "Battlefield 1", Pappy, I think this game will be about "Wolf: ET" size. Here's their website: Vanguard: 1944
  12. This is another game, it's actually been in development for a few years now, that is a team-based World War 2 game which focuses on objectives: I can get videos to appear in my posts now, I've no idea why that's the case. However, here's a link to their video promotion: Vanguard 1944 You can find them on "Facebook" here: Vanguard Facebook This game runs on the "Cryengine", not "Unreal4".
  13. The gameplay, created by the "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" game developers, dictates how the game should be played, not me. It's an objective-based game that focuses on teamplay. You give me the impression that all you're interested in is playing for your own selfish desires, e.g., your "k/d" ratio and your trick-jumping exploits. Just another, "Rambo Medic", as your kind are commonly known. It's not my server, Kate, but if it was me in charge, he'd be perma-banned. There's plenty of "ETPro - Run & Gun" servers available where his kind are welcome to frag for kills.
  14. We just increased out "RAM" allocation in our configs and we all stopped crashing. It was the same for other maps too.
  15. That's because they are using a basic config which only allocates a very small amount of "RAM" to the game, Kate. They only have to edit their config file in order to sort the problem. I love the "Venice" map.
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