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  1. Smelly, it's always great to play with you. We're all hoping you recover from this so you can play with us for many more years.
  2. Received Invitation from: Kate In Game Name: HAL 9000 Real name: Scott Location: Huntington Beach, CA, USA Gender: M Age: 61 1/Reason you want to join: Answer questions 1. What is the best thing about the Ets server? Great maps and friendly players 2. What is your opinion on the following things: -the map rotation: It is terrific - and the admins are open to suggestions -the regulars on the server: Most of them are very cool and friendly -the Ets Friendly group on the server: I don't know them yet 2/Reason you want to join (Please put a yes or no beside the choices provided) : 1) To have more power on the server: NO 2) To be part of a friendly community of gamers: YES 3) Other reasons (give them): I like this server and its admins Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? YES Clan name and Reason for leaving? (if you answered yes to above question): LZ Clan - Left because server was shut down. Do you have Skype ? NO Do you have Discord ? NO How Many Hours A Day Do You Play ET ?: 2 How Many Hours A Week Do You Play ET ?: 15 Prefered Class: Soldier Primary Weapon: Panzer Backup Class: Engineer Secondary Weapon: SMG Hobbies: Computers and electronics Favorite Movie: The Matrix What music do you listen to: Progressive Rock Have you read and do you agree with all rules and regulations? YES http://ets-clan.com/forums/topic/58-servers-rules/
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