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  1. Version v1


    deathmatch map , kill the oponent
  2. good night I wanted to know why and what is happening some bugs in the gktradiant with me like for example - can not use the delete key (since after I use the delete key on an object and when it will load the same map there is the object that I I deleted it appears again from scratch), before I could do the arena script to appear in the horst game and now out of nowhere no longer appears in the game horst, there are hours that after I compile the map works to run and has hours after that I compile does not work between some other bugs please someone could help me solve this cause i get frustrated with this
  3. Good afternoon, fine, then the next, when I put the textures through etmain and then apply them using gktradiant and then I open the normal map, now when I try to put it through the map folder I created trying to use some shaders there not working, someone could help me please I'm newbie in the editor, I wanted to know how the map creators can make the textures work by the map file I created instead of the etmain folder.
  4. Version map test


    prototype map experience test
  5. Version v1_sky_fix


    octagon arena sky fix
  6. how to make a script so that one of the teams wins the game after destroying the objective, someone help me please
  7. Good evening, please someone could give me a complete tutorial on how to make the maps for the wolfenstein enemy territory because I'm still at the beginning and every day I'm learning something new, since I thank you
  8. Version 1.0.0


    this is new command map created by - comida japonesa benghazi.objdata file missing ,fixed now by Ets|Kate 1 "Primary Objective:**Don't let the Allies blow the Main Gate!" 2 "Primary Objective:**Don't let the Allies blow the Side Door!" 3 "Primary Objective:**Don't let the Allies destroy the Super Computer!" 4 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let the Allies construct a command post!" 5 "Secondary Objective:**Construct a command post!" 6 "Primary Objective:**Don't let the Allies capture the Forward Spawn!" 1 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Main Gate!" 2 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Side Door!" 3 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Super Computer!" 4 "Secondary Objective:**Construct a command post!" 5 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let the Axis construct a command post!" 6 "Primary Objective:**Capture the Forward Spawn!"
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