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  1. Sure why not, welcome Adrian 🙂
  2. Thx guys, I forgot to write yesterday.
  3. spacer.png

    Happy Birthday Toppy!!!

    Hope your day today is filled beyond capacity with delight and lasagna!

    - your crazy neighborhood pappy 4. :D

  4. lol never seen it like that
  5. Topcat


    Welcome in Ets Cartur
  6. Topcat


    Velo if you can change your name tag please to Ets|Velocity Like that, or look at mine or kates name on server to see how it should look :) And welcome in Ets.
  7. Topcat


    Yes from me welcome
  8. Topcat

    14 july 2019

    Hope ypou had a great time :)
  9. Aah okay, there is another canadian, might be him who knows ICPower cause they always play at the same time, got him mixed up with you :)
  10. Yes welcome. Wreckdum the player ICPower is that someone you know, family or friend or something ?
  11. I say yes, you seem like a great guy :)
  12. So good to see you back Pryd hope all is going well with you :)
  13. I say yes even though I wasnt included in your list of favorites hehe
  14. Hehe pappy, I might take a look later :)
  15. Topcat

    Fall 2017 Deer Trail Cam

    Wow a Bear, I would run like hell if I saw one this close hehe.
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