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  1. WARNING: Deceptive as fuck! - note: might not play in your country. :\ This is quite a fucked up show lol
  2. i'm staying away from Windows 10, gonna stick with Windows 7 and Ubuntu LTS. best not to run garbage. can't wait for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa! :3
  3. this is one of my favorites:
  4. hey napes, that fox reminds me of something:
  5. true but you can still get lots of games on Steam on linux, you can even run ET on linux, and also you can run a windows compatibility layer on linux too like Wine
  6. i'm still using the trusty reliable Windows 7. i also have ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and i'm going to switch it over to ubuntu 20.04 LTS once that comes out. Inevitably i am going to start using ubuntu as my daily OS, then only boot into Windows 7 when i want to play Windows Games (like ET, Minecraft, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 e.t.c) or work on shit that requires running Windows. and i plan to get ETLegacy working on my next ubuntu install, so i can play ET through linux. :D
  7. that's why other operating systems exist, like ubuntu for example! the fact that you can't run older versions of windows (with drivers that is) is just a huge marketing scam.
  8. @Bier Dayum that motherfucker was fearless! also this:
  9. yeah, also note the bulldozer in the top of the pile of crap napes put my face in it :D, and luis, Windows 10 is hot garbage no matter how you look at it. Looka dat landfill fulla gabbage, it's where Windows 10 belongs!
  10. wow, i never thought topcats can explode violently like that!
  11. this is likely how toppy kills players on ET:
  12. PsychoPappy 4


    it's so pretty!
  13. Welcome to the site Senji feel free to make yourself at home! :3
  14. lol, gotta love Canadian cartoons! :D
  15. welcome back snake man! :D
  16. ribbit ribbit, ribbit, ribbit ribbit! from one of my favorite childhood tv shows, (skip to 3:30 for the ed ribbit). :3
  17. beware that there is a button there that makes them all naked.
  18. i just found out, it confused the crap outta me at first, but it's mostly the same layout. nice to see a good looking font though.
  19. PsychoPappy 4


    yeah, this cold snap really was the worst one i ever experienced in my life. it even killed a tree in my yard.
  20. PsychoPappy 4


    The morning of 24 February, 2015 at 11:31 UTC. THIS... is my bedroom Window! the temperature outside was -32'C / -26'F i could not believe my eyes as it is almost completely iced-over.
  21. good program, GIMP is what i use to make the headers in our server menus :D
  22. used Microsoft Paint to edit the image, so i can just slap on some text and an arrow.
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