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  1. here in pennsylvania, we currently have around 500 confirmed cases, which is pretty good considering how many cases the state next door has, *cough, new york. around 16,000! and new jersey at around 2,000! but sadly however, this disease is spreading like wildfire. many businesses in my area are shut down excluding essential businesses and businesses that have drive-thru windows. there is no hand sanitizer anywhere, toilet paper supplies are limited in stores, but there is still LOTS of handsoap and bodywash on the shelves, fucking idiot people. its funny that most people don't know that SOAP is waaaayyyy better than hand sanitizer. i'm stocked up on everything i need, staying home, and trying to stay sane through this pandemic, day-by-day.
  2. PsychoPappy 4


    F. but it was an ugly tree anyway. :p
  3. Pappy Burthdaey! :P

    Here's ur caek!


    1. kate


      thanks you dear Pappy :rose:

  4. on the Día de Muertos - Whitey will be on the ofrenda of ETS
  5. how are you disappointed? i tried my best, but i couldn't come up with the correct name. :P
  6. that cigarette alone says a lot. those carcinogenic smoke tubes should have been outlawed over a lifetime ago. rest in peace my old friend. :(
  7. 5 or 6 maps for this month. 1. voilegarde_b3 2. mia1d 3. v2_factory 4. wolfsrudel3_final 5. nfl_b2 Bonus: CORTEX...???
  8. Don’t prone under tanks or stand in path of closing gates or doors, or else.
  9. PsychoPappy 4


    Lizard!!! god it reminds me of this icon:
  10. PsychoPappy 4


    Press F for Toppy's Paw.
  11. WARNING: Deceptive as fuck! - note: might not play in your country. :\ This is quite a fucked up show lol
  12. i'm staying away from Windows 10, gonna stick with Windows 7 and Ubuntu LTS. best not to run garbage. can't wait for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa! :3
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