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  1. after a little bit of thinking, i finally have a concept of the main menu for version 5.0. as you can see, version 5.0 would not be much different from our existing 4.x menus, but what i would like to do is consolidate the custom_main page to be five buttons tall instead of six, which will completely eliminate the clipping bug seen in silent and etlegacy when using a linux-based OS like linux with MINIMIZER ON. it would move the Optimize page to the bottom left, and move the about us page to the bottom right. i'm also thinking about experimenting with upgrading the Optimize menu, seeing if i can make a GUI settings page for setting snaps, cl_maxpackets, rate, hunkmegs, soundmegs, and zonemegs. i have yet to build a proof-of-concept build of the menu to see whether or not this stuff is actually possible, and if so, we may have a new major update in the coming months. :D i'll keep ya posted and i am also open to suggestions for features or changes! :P
  2. no worries topps! you're our loyal furry feline friend! :3 LoL kate, that cat's tongue is funny!
  3. Guts from the unfortunate souls i trapped.
  4. Happy Birthday Toppy!!! Hope your day today is filled beyond capacity with delight and lasagna! - your crazy neighborhood pappy 4. :D
  5. spacer.png

    Happy Birthday Toppy!!!

    Hope your day today is filled beyond capacity with delight and lasagna!

    - your crazy neighborhood pappy 4. :D

  6. i should do that! and it can be done in 5 minutes too.
  7. This is a great example! IMG_3795.MOV Device: iPhone 5 - N42AP iOS 10.3.4 (14G61) Jailbroken with h3lix by tihmstar. I replaced the standard Lock sound with the GIB sound from ET! :D
  8. you don't see it because it's 2:19am (titanic time), it hit the iceberg 2 hours and 39 minutes ago. :P
  9. yes, but i think it's best for the actual applicant to post their application with their own profile. it just doesn't really feel right to post on their behalf.
  10. i sometimes wonder some people can't post their application with their own account? i'd be happy to help anyone. as for my vote anyway, it's a yes.
  11. a big, wtf moment! The tank sank like the titanic!
  12. Who want's fried Bat Guts!
  13. i suggest using kzip when rezipping the .pk3 to make the filesize of the pk3 as a whole, smaller. means less download time, and less likely for download failure. here's a video of kzip in action: how_an_ets-menu_is_mastered_with_kzip.mp4
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