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  1. Welcome to the site Senji feel free to make yourself at home! :3
  2. lol, gotta love Canadian cartoons! :D
  3. welcome back snake man! :D
  4. ribbit ribbit, ribbit, ribbit ribbit! from one of my favorite childhood tv shows, (skip to 3:30 for the ed ribbit). :3
  5. beware that there is a button there that makes them all naked.
  6. i just found out, it confused the crap outta me at first, but it's mostly the same layout. nice to see a good looking font though.
  7. PsychoPappy 4


    yeah, this cold snap really was the worst one i ever experienced in my life. it even killed a tree in my yard.
  8. PsychoPappy 4


    The morning of 24 February, 2015 at 11:31 UTC. THIS... is my bedroom Window! the temperature outside was -32'C / -26'F i could not believe my eyes as it is almost completely iced-over.
  9. good program, GIMP is what i use to make the headers in our server menus :D
  10. used Microsoft Paint to edit the image, so i can just slap on some text and an arrow.
  11. 8 seconds in, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FUCKING BONES...... totally me when i get run over by tanks :P
  12. very important to be knowledgeable, and use the proper tools for the job. :P
  13. if you want to step into the salty waters of changing your etconfigs manually, you really should use Notepad++ that way you can edit your etconfig without corrupting it, since an etconfig uses the Unix LF line break type, using Microsoft Notepad is very risky. then all you need to do is just open your etconfig in Notepad++, press CTRL+F, type "seta name", click find, and then modify your playername (without erasing the quotations that your name is supposed to be in between). e.g: seta name "^7ETPlayer" Note: you need to set your playername in your etmain profile, your etmain settings gets passed on to your other mods when you first load them, but if you already have an etconfig for a mod (say etpub) you will need to edit the etconfig for that mod too.
  14. the very first scene of this video reminds me of when i get crushed under the tank. :P
  15. probably 1,000 or more. the one where he plays with the GFCI outlet (U.S.) is funny.
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