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  1. what did you use for your fotos ? here we use Canon products
  2. OPTIMIZE YOUR VERTICAL MOUSE RESPONSIVENESS (M_PITCH AND M_YAW) Saturday, November 29, 2008, 17:21 Filed under: Aiming, Config | Tags: Aiming, Config, Headshots, Logitech, mouse, punkbuster, Razer, ruffnux, sensitivity, tweak Besides setting your overall sensitivity with “set sensitivity” you can do some fine tuning. With tweaking the variables m_pitch (vertical [up/down]-sensitivity) and m_yaw (horizontal [left/right]-sensitivity) in your configuration, you can effectively improve your aiming for getting more headshots. How do m_pitch and m_yaw work? As the author of the rtcw.jolt.co.uk-article points out correctly: illustrations may be the easiest way to describe the effect of a.) sensitivity, b.) m_pitch and c.) m_yaw: regular setup: m_pitch = m_yaw = 0.022 headshot-friendly: lowered m_pitch lowered m_yaw (outer ellipse) Note those are just illustrations to visualize that you can squeeze your mouse-responsiveness vertically and horizontally using m_pitch and m_yaw. How does the game engine translate your mouse-movement? As ruffnux points out in his acceleration-bug-report, every “count of frames” times per second the mousemovement is calculated like (1.) mouseX * sensitivity * m_pitch and (2.) mouseY * sensitivity * m_yaw. The default setting for m_pitch and m_yaw is 0.022. Now if you lower m_pitch or m_yaw, you get an ellipse instead of a circle for your vertical or horizontal mousemovement. So with lower m_pitch it will be easier for you to keep your cross-hair at head level. But as always: no pain, no gain, as on the other hand it will be more difficult to aim up and down (e. g. for compensating your cross-hair going down when crouching or proning or to aim at someone on a balcony or stuff like that). How do I set up m_pitch and m_yaw? Both settings depend on each other. As a rule of thumb ruffnux suggests to ensure m_pitch is at least 2/3 of what m_yaw is set to. So e. g. if you leave m_yaw at the standard setting of 0.022, set m_pitch to 0.66 * 0.022 = 0.015. Most servers will anyway include punkbuster-restrictions, that where introduced by clanbase at RTCW back in 2003. The reasons was to avoid players locking their cross-hairs to headshot height and so demanding more aiming skills. After restricting m_pitch to a range also m_yaw had to be set to a fixed range or value to achieve this goal. The reason is because you can also achieve a lower vertical responsiveness by (1) lowering your overall sensitivity and (2) compensating that by increasing your vertical responsiveness again with m_yaw to get back your original vertical sensitivity. The restrictions This means your minimum values on punkbuster-servers can be 0.015 for m_pitch and 0.022 for m_yaw. So on punkbuster-servers those values should be set up to: Are there other ways to tweak my vertical responsiveness? Yes there are other ways. For example some mouse-drivers (Razer) will let you adjust your vertical and horizontal mouse responsiveness. Using some configuration hacks It was also possible for Logitech users in the past to use Razer-drivers with Logitech mice (see e. g. this article on Crossfire [thanks to oBs for the hint], “Razer Drivers with Logitech” on ESR or this guide):
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    new site addon

    About This File Enhance your user info panel with this powerful fully customizable plugin for the forum topic posts, You do not need to show all the information you can choose to show or hide any one of them or just choose to hide them on mobile viewing, you can now even choose what user groups can see what information DEMO How to install Go to the ACP and then plugins then install the downloaded .xml file (Yes its that easy) How to configure Go the the ACP plugin panel and select the settings button on the plugin User Info Panel Edit the width of the user info panel between 200px - 350px Move the username to the user info panel Set a margin from the top of the post panel (Needed on some themes you won't need for the default theme) Change the font of the username (you can use web safe fonts, Google fonts or you can even upload your own!!!!!) Change the width & height of the avatar between 75px - 200px Choose to have a border-radius around the avatar and enter your own amount Show/Hide the users cover photo (If they have one) Change the height of the users cover photo Show/Hide a topic starter badge or field to the info panel (If the user is the topic starter) Move the users rank pips / rank image to below the info panel Profile Info Show/Hide the users group with colour formatting Show/Hide secondary group images Show/Hide the users rank / title Move the users rank / title to below the avatar / below the username or in the user info panel Show/Hide the users clubs as icons (if they are members of one) Show/Hide the users ID Content Show/Hide the users post count Show/Hide the users post per day ratio Show/Hide the users reputation Show/Hide the users amount of leader board member of the days won Choose to use a gold font for the member of the day Show/Hide the users topic count Show/Hide the users topic per day ratio Personal Info Show/Hide the users birthday Change the birthday view to the show the members age instead Show/Hide the users joined date Change the joined date to one saying "With Us For xxx Days" Show/Hide the users online status Change the online status to a pip Choose to use a pulsating green glow for when the users online Show/Hide the users last activity Show/Hide the users timezone Show/Hide the users follower count Show/Hide the users connected device (4.2.x Only) Clubs Show/Hide the users clubs as icons at the bottom of the user info panel (The club name will appear on hover) Change the size of the clubs icons 3rd Party Apps & Plugins (DF42) Members Social Info iAwards Member Away ( RECOMMENDED ) trophies et medals Other Choose what font-awesome icons are used for each section from a pre-defined list of over 600 icons (Just start typing the name and they will appear) Show/Hide each section for mobile browsing Select what user groups can see what on the info panel Add any of your custom profile fields to the user info panel matching its theme and style
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    ET Legacy dev 2.77

    @everyone New 2.77 dev snapshot : Fixed some broken animation issues, and a bunch of other fixes: * Added dynamic spawn points selection menu * Removed g_countryFlag option to make bots use server location flag * Added fading effect on weapons disappearing * Added bouncing effect for items (weapons/pack/obj launched/dropped) * Fixed weapons reload faster animations * Fixed centerprint inserts awkward newlines * Fixed cabinets are not affected by cg_autoActivate 0 * Added invalid GUID check at client connection (avoid some issue with Skill Rating system)
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    yes we saw that times to times for the tank at temple map
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    he posted at the same post where bier posted is why i had to copy paste lol
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    // Basic Info // Invited By: Kate Player Name: Bl4cK Real Name: Marco Location: Italy Gender: Male Age: 39 // Reason you Want to Join // Answer Questions // / Section 1 / What is the best thing about our Servers? : People and maps What is your opinion on the following things? - The Map Rotation: very good - The Regulars on the servers: all nice people, Odin he is awesome - The Ets Members on the servers: Correct and good / Section 2 / Reason you Want to Join / To have more power on the servers? : (yes/no) no To be part of a friendly community of Gamers? : (yes/no) yes Other reasons (give them): just have someone to play with and joke about Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? : (yes/no) no Clan Name and Reason for leaving? (if yes to above question): // Other Questions // Do you have Skype? : no Do you have Discord? : no How many (hours/day) do you play ET? : only the sunday and not ever, or when i'm on holiday How many (hours/week) do you play ET? : 2/3 h Preferred Class: Field Ops Primary Weapon: Phss Backup Class: Medic Secondary Weapon: Panzer Hobbies: football Favorite Movie: Full Metal Jacket/ Gladiator/ Ocean 11-12-13 What kind of music do you listen to: House, Rock sometime. Have you read and agreed to the Rules and Regulations? : Yes http://ets-clan.com/forums/topic/58-servers-rules/
  8. Version 1.0.0


    https://github.com/ETrun/ETrun/releases/tag/v1.4.1 ETrun 1.4.1 Changelog fix: fix broken scoreboard when players > 8 #171 @boutetnico fix: reset player speed on run abort @boutetnico fix: prevent client game crash with certain characters @boutetnico Download Client & server files are available at GitHub. Documentation Documentation is available at ReadTheDocs. Enjoy -- >Nico* Contact: pm me 1/ Get started Welcome to the official ETrun documentation. What is ETrun? ETrun is a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game modification based on ET-GPL. The objective of this mod is to bring timeruns support to it. Official website https://timeruns.net Downloading ETrun Find all the releases on GitHub releases page. 2/ Client commands There are various client commands available in ETrun. They are described below. save /save [slotId] Save current position into the given slotId. If slotId is omitted, default to slot 0. load /load [slotId] Load a previously saved position from saved slots. If slotId is omitted, default to slot 0. View angles are also loaded if cg_loadViewAngles = 1. Weapon is also loaded if cg_loadWeapon = 1. login /login Attempt to login the player on timeruns.net API using cg_timerunsToken value. logout /logout Logout a player from timeruns.net API. records /records Request timeruns.net API for records of every runs in the current map and print them. loadCheckpoints /loadCheckpoints [userName] [runName] /loadCheckpoints [userName] [runId] Request timeruns.net API for the run checkpoints of a user and load them. If userName is provided, it will look for checkpoints from a player named userName. If omitted, checkpoints from the current player will be loaded. If a second argument is omitted, this command will load checkpoints for the first run of the map. If provided, the command will: Try to load checkpoints for this specific run name. In case of failure it will to load records from a specific run by its numeric id. Finally, it will load records for the first run of the map. Examples: /loadCheckpoints player run2 /loadCheckpoints other_player /loadCheckpoints other_player run2 h (help) /h [command] Provide help about ETrun commands. If command is omitted, list all available commands. If provided, display usage of command. tutorial /tutorial Show an introduction for beginners into the console. rank /rank [userName] [mapName] [runName] [physicsName] List surrounding records time and ranks from -5 to +5. When no option provided, this command will requires player to be logged in and will give his rank on the first run of current map with current physics settings. Otherwise, it will give output according to given options: userName name of the user to show record of. mapName name of the map to show record of. runName name of the run among mapName to show record of. physicsName name of the game physics to show record of. Possible values are VET,VQ3 or AP. Examples: /rank player /rank player shorties "Shorties 2" /rank other_player shorties "Shorties 2" AP class /class class [weapon1] [weapon2] Change player class to class. Possible classes are described below. weapon1 is the numeric id of the weapon among class. weapon2 is the numeric id of alternate weapon among class. Class name class Medic m Engineer e Field ops f Covert ops c Soldier s speclock /speclock Prevent spectators to spectate you. specunclock /specunclock Allow spectators to spectate you. specinvite /specinvite playerId Allow playerId to spectate you. specuninvite /specuninvite playerId Prevent a previously invited spectator to spectate you. m (private messaging) /m playerName message /m playerId message Send a private message containing text message to player name playerName. If playerName is not found, numeric player id playerId will be used instead. abort /abort Abort an active run. mod_information /mod_information Displays informations about mod. List of ETrun cvars. Speed meter Name Value Default Description cg_drawSpeedMeter 0,1 1 Display a speed meter. cg_speedMeterX 0-640 320 Speed meter horizontal position. cg_speedMeterY 0-480 220 Speed meter vertical position. cg_drawAccel 0,1 0 Color speed meter according to player acceleration. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_accelSmoothness integer 100 Sensitivity of the cg_drawAccel cvar. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. CGaz Name Value Default Description cg_drawCGaz 0,1,2,3,4 0 Draw CGaz. Various types are available. Use 0 to disable. cg_realCGaz2 0,1 0 Adjust CGaz 2 for widescreen display. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. Velocity Snapping HUD Name Value Default Description cg_drawVelocitySnapping 0,1,2 0 Draw Velocity Snapping HUD. Various types are available. Use 0 to disable. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_velocitySnappingH integer 8 Velocity Snapping HUD height. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_velocitySnappingY 0-480 240 Velocity Snapping HUD vertical position. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_velocitySnappingFov integer 120 Velocity Snapping Field Of View. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. Run timer Name Value Default Description cg_drawTimer 0,1 1 Display a run timer. cg_timerX 0-640 320 Run timer horizontal position. cg_timerY 0-480 420 Run timer vertical position. Checkpoints Name Value Default Description cg_drawCheckPoints 0,1 1 Display checkpoints times. cg_checkPointsX 0-640 320 Checkpoints horizontal position. cg_checkPointsY 0-480 435 Checkpoints vertical position. cg_maxCheckPoints integer 5 Maximum number of checkpoints displayed. cg_autoLoadCheckpoints 0,1 0 Automatically load checkpoints from PB. Player must be logged in. Hide player model Name Value Default Description cg_hideOthers 0,1 1 Hide other player models. cg_hideRange integer 128 Distance expressed in game units where other player models should be hidden. cg_hideMe 0,1 0 Hide your player model from other players. Speclock Name Value Default Description cg_specLock 0,1 0 Enable persistant speclock. Display pressed keys Name Value Default Description cg_drawKeys 0,1,2,3 1 Display pressed keys. Display various types according to value. cg_keysX 0-640 550 Keys horizontal position. cg_keysY 0-480 210 Keys vertical position. cg_keysSize integer 64 Control size of displayed keys. Timeruns.net API authentication Name Value Default Description cg_timerunsToken string "" Player authentification token for timeruns.net API. cg_autoLogin 0,1 0 Enable automatic player login. Popups Name Value Default Description cg_numPopups 0-16 5 Maximum number of popups to display. cg_popupTime integer 1000 Delay (msec) between popups. cg_popupStayTime integer 2000 Time (msec) a popup stays on screen before fading out. cg_popupFadeTime integer 2500 Time (msec) a popup takes to fade out. Info panel Name Value Default Description cg_drawInfoPanel 0,1 1 Display info panel. cg_infoPanelX 0-640 537 Info panel horizontal position. cg_infoPanelY 0-480 2 Info panel vertical position. cg_minStartSpeed integer 0 Minimum start speed desired. If unmet, player is killed (new in ETrun 1.4.0). Use 0 to disable. Introduced in ETrun 1.2.0. Note: cg_minStartSpeed is reset to 0 at every new game session. Triggers visibility Name Value Default Description cg_drawTriggers 0,1,2,3,4 1 Make triggers visible. Use 0 to disable. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_triggerOffset float 0 Apply a factor to the size of triggers. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_triggerColor white,yellow,red,green,blue,magenta,cyan,orange white Set color of triggers. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. Possibles values for cg_drawTriggers are listed below. Value What is displayed 0 None 1 Triggers 2 Triggers, Jumppads 3 Triggers, Jumppads, Teleporters 4 All types of triggers Demos Name Value Default Description cg_autoDemo 0,1 0 Enable recording demos automatically. cg_keepAllDemos 0,1 1 Keep all demos or only demos for PB records. Player position control Name Value Default Description cg_loadViewAngles 0,1 1 Enable restoring player view angles when loading its position. cg_loadWeapon 0,1 1 Enable restoring player weapon when loading its position. cg_autoLoad 0,1 1 Enable automatically restoring player position when he gets killed. Surface detection Name Value Default Description cg_drawOB 0,1 0 Display OverBounce detector. cg_drawSlick 0,1 0 Display slick surface detector. Logs Name Value Default Description cg_viewLog 0,1 0 Enable displaying the game console in a separate window from the main game window. Noclip Name Value Default Description cg_noclipSpeed integer 1000 Set movement speed while using /noclip command. Scoreboard Name Value Default Description cg_countryFlags 0,1 0 Display country flags on scoreboard (server needs to support GeoIP). Clock Name Value Default Description cg_drawClock 0,1 1 Display a clock. Chat Name Value Default Description cg_chatX 0-640 130 Chat horizontal position. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_chatY 0-480 478 Chat vertical position. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_chatHeight 0-8 8 Height of the chat. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. Events Name Value Default Description cg_onRunStart string "" Command(s) to trigger when a run starts . Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_onRunStop string "" Command(s) to trigger when a run stops . Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. Widescreen Name Value Default Description cg_widescreenSupport 0,1 1 Enable widescreen display. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. cg_realFov 0,1 0 Enable widescreen Field Of View. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. Some cvars use bitflagged value, it means you can combine options by making the sum of their related flags. Game physics Name Value Default Description physics integer 255 Set game physics according to the given bitflagged value. Available flags for physics are listed below. Flag Value Vanilla ET 0 Flat jumping 1 No fall damage 2 Ramp bounce 4 Air control 8 No overbounce 16 Upmove bugfix 32 Double jump 64 Slick control 128 Sticky values for physics used on official timeruns.net game servers are listed below. Physics name physics value VET 0 VQ3 3 VQ3 no OB 19 AP with OB 239 AP 255 Map entities Name Value Default Description g_enableMapEntities integer 31 Change game map entities behaviour according to the given bitflagged value. g_forceTimerReset 0,1 1 Make sure start triggers are not prevented to reset run timer. g_holdDoorsOpen 0,1 1 Hold the doors open. g_disableDrowning 0,1 1 Prevent player from drowning. Available flags for g_enableMapEntities are listed below. Flag Value Classic settings 0 Force kill entities to work 1 Force hurt entities to work 2 Enable jumppads trigger_push 4 Enable velocity jumppads trigger_push_velocity 8 Enable location jumppads target_location 16 Disable hurt entities 32 Flood protection Name Value Default Description g_floodProtect 0,1 1 Enable flood protection. g_floodThreshold integer 8 Limit the number of commands a client can send in an interval of 30 seconds. g_floodWait integer 768 Delay (msec) required between two commands from a client. g_maxNameChanges integer 3 Maximum name changes allowed per map. Use -1 to disable. vote_delay integer 20000 Force a delay (msec) between two votes. Introduced in 1.4.0. Firewall Name Value Default Description g_maxConnsPerIP integer 3 Maximum clients allowed to connect from a same IP address. Timeruns.net API Name Value Default Description g_useAPI 0,1 0 Enable use of timeruns.net API module. g_APImoduleName string timeruns.mod Name of API module file (must be located either in fs_homepath or fs_basepath). g_cupMode 0,1 0 Enable cup mode. g_cupKey string "" Access key used while server is running in cup mode. Custom mapscripts Name Value Default Description g_mapScriptDirectory string "custommapscripts" Name of the custom mapscripts directory. Timelimit Name Value Default Description timelimit integer 0 Amount of time before a random map gets loaded. 0 means no timelimit. Requires API. GeoIP Name Value Default Description g_useGeoIP 0,1 0 Enable use of GeoIP to geolocate and display country flags of players based on their IP addresses. g_geoIPDbPath string "" Path to GeoIP database inside etrun directory. Compatible with Maxmind Geolite Legacy. Logging Name Value Default Description g_chatLog 0,1 1 Enable logging player chat to a separate chat.log file. Introduced in 1.2.0. g_debugLog 0,1 0 Enable debug logging to a debug.log file. Strict save/load Name Value Default Description g_strictSaveLoad 0,1 0 Enable strict save/load mode. Enable/disable client features Name Value Default Description g_disableCGaz 0,1 0 Disable usage of CGaz. Introduced in 1.4.0. g_disableSnappingHUD 0,1 0 Disable usage of Velocity Snapping HUD. Introduced in 1.4.0. Terminology Name Description PB Personal Best record Speclock Prevent spectator from watching a player AP Advanced Physics OB Overbounce VET Vanilla ET. Default game physics in Wolfenstein ET CVAR Console Variable
  9. by LightRay Contents: Preamble/Setup Fixing missing textures will take some time to learn. Thankfully, it's not V1 rocket surgery. ? For this tute I will be working with the original ouessant.pk3 map. You can find my fixed version here in ETS downloads. To extract (decompress) pk3 files, you can use WinRAR, WinZip, 7-zip or some other zip tool. A must-have tool is Search Everything to index your hard drives. Highly recommended; I use it many times every day. Have these pk3's unzipped and accessible in your hard drive: The main ET pk3's: pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3 The RTCW paks: mp_pak0.pk3 and pak0.pk3 For this tute, please follow these steps: 1. Unzip ouessant.pk3 into a new working space on your hard drive. Unzipping the map will create these folders: Looking at these folders, it is very strange because there is no textures folder in here at all! This is the first map I've seen without a textures folder. ? But it certainly explains why there are so many missing textures. I believe the map author simply forgot to include it when he created and published the map. 2. Copy ouessant.pk3 into your ET/main folder. That's all for setup. Next we take a look at the map in ET. Load up the map [See Note 1 for an advanced way to run ET efficiently on modern pc's.] If you already have ET running you can load the map manually by opening the console and typing: \devmap ouessant [enter] Identify the Missing Textures Join the allied team and you will see the missing textures as yellow/dark brown patches: Open the console and scroll up to find the texture load warnings: There are many more but this one will do for now. Open the scripts folder: We are only interested in the ouessant.shader file. Open it and we'll see what it can tell us about the missing textures. textures/ouessant/terrain { surfaceparm landmine qer_editorimage textures/temperate_sd/grass_path1.tga { map textures/temperate_sd/grass_path1.tga rgbgen identity } { lightmap $lightmap blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO rgbgen identity } } textures/ouessant/terrain2 { qer_editorimage textures/temperate_sd/grass_path1.tga { map textures/temperate_sd/grass_path1.tga rgbgen identity } { lightmap $lightmap blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO rgbgen identity } } textures/ouessant/road_gravel { surfaceparm landmine qer_editorimage textures/stone/mxrock1aa.tga { map textures/stone/mxrock1aa.tga rgbgen identity } { lightmap $lightmap blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO rgbgen identity } } textures/ouessant/ouessant_sky { qer_editorimage textures/frozendusk/frozendusk_view.tga surfaceparm noimpact surfaceparm nolightmap q3map_globaltexture q3map_lightsubdivide 256 q3map_surfacelight 50 surfaceparm sky q3map_sun 0.894 0.933 1.00 200 250 15 skyparms env/frozendusk/frozendusk - - } There are 4 shaders defined in this file; 3 terrain and 1 skybox. The warning message indicated that the metal_m04dg2.jpg image is missing, but there is no sign of it in this file. We will assume that textures/metal_misc/metal_m04dg2 did not require a shader, and was a tga or jpg image that was originally in the textures/metal_misc folder when the map was designed. We saw that the textures folder is missing from the map pk3, so create it now. Also create a new folder named metal_misc inside the textures folder. Find the Original (or Replacement) Images Enter the texture name in Everything and cross your fingers. If Everything does not find the missing texture in your pc, try google. My search found metal_m04dg2.jpg in my RTCW pak0/textures/metal_misc folder. Sometimes you just have to be creative if you cannot find the exact texture you need. For example, rock textures are easy to replace if they look similar, and even better if the name is almost the same. Add the Textures to the Map Now we are ready to place the textures we found into the unzipped pk3. Refer to the console warnings to see where the missing textures need to be placed. So, the metal_m04dg2.jpg found in the RTCW pak0 needs to be placed in the metal_misc folder you created earlier. Repeat adding further textures to the map according to the warnings in the console. Re-creating the Map After adding all the textures into the pk3, select all the folders, right-click > Send To... and create a zip file: You could also create a standard zip file with 7-zip, WinRAR, etc. After zipping, rename the file (in this case ouessant.zip) to ouessant.pk3 or ouessant_fix.zip, as you like. Stop ET if it's running and move or delete the original ouessant.pk3 in your ET/main folder, and copy your new fixed map into ET/main. Restart ET and load the map and test it for warning messages. Rinse and repeat the whole process if there are any more warning messages. That's it! I hope this helps you to get started! ? Addendum: [1] Running ET on modern computers: I recommend starting ET with a shortcut like this: cmd.exe /c start "et.exe" /affinity 2 E:\ET\ET-OB-0.8.6\et.exe +set fs_game omnibot +exec omnibot +devmap night_fight_2 This starts ET and sets the affinity to 1 core. Note: Windows likes to do things it's own way so it will probably change it to C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe. Whatever, MS$. [2] ET maps use 3 image types: TGA, PNG and JPG. When you are looking through shaders to get hints on the missing image, ET can use any of these 3 types even if it specifically says the image type is .tga in the shader's header.
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    i cant say more a very nice mature players and very polite
  12. This portion of the manual is for those playing on a server running Jaymod. This mod has a few new commands a features added to the regular Enemy Territory multiplayer game. Become familiar with some of the commands you can now use! In-game Commands Private Messaging Jaymod implements a popular feature called private messaging that allows one to send a private message to a specified individual or group of individuals. Check with the server admin of the server you are playing to check whether this is enabled or not. To use this feature, simply go into the Misc section of the Jaymod menu, and bind a key to use it.You can also use private messages through the console or global chat window, but this method is deprecated and discouraged. You can find a player’s slot number by using the !listplayers Shrubbot command (see the Shrubbot commands section). This is the best way to make sure only one specific individual receives your message. You can also specify a partial name match. This is a shorthand way, but also allows for multiple people to receive the message. For example, sending a message to “dam” will send the message “hello!” to players “Adam” and “Damage”, since they both have “dam” in their name. Just be careful that you don’t make the partial name too generic or you might send your message to someone unintended! There is also the option to block Private Messages. With Shrubbot enabled, anyone who is equal to your level or lower will be unable to send you a Private Message if you are blocking them. Anyone above you, however, will still be able to do so. This allows server admins to use Private Messaging as a valuable tool. You can find this option in the Jaymod game menu. If you have Private Message Sounds turned on (this is on by default, you can turn them off by using the Jaymod game menu. Playdead A popular Shrub feature, playdead has to be turned on by the server admin to be used. Note that this version of playdead is a bit less bugged than Shrub’s version. It’s much harder to get stuck in walls, and there’s just about zero chance of someone using this as an exploit to get through a wall (example, bank doors on Goldrush) due to extra checks to make sure there is enough clearance for your player to fall down and still be in the “world”. You can use this feature by binding a key for it in the Jaymod menu under Misc.The key you specify will now toggle playdead mode. When you are in playdead mode, you cannot shoot your weapon. To an enemy, you look like a dead player (after a tap-out and awaiting a respawn). However, you will still be a solid body (players cannot walk through you) and your eyes will still blink. This is an excellent way to infiltrate enemy bases and maintain the element of surprise! In-game Features Class Stealing Class stealing allows a player to steal a dead teammate’s class. This option must be enabled on the server to use. In order to steal a class, you stand over a dead teammate and hold your activate key, much as you would steal a uniform as a covert ops. When you finish stealing their class, you lose your class abilities and your current weapons. You will gain the weapon the dead player was using (on an empty clip, you must find ammo!!) and all the abilities of their class. TIP: If the server administration has enabled it, when you are a disguised covert ops and steal a class, you keep the disguise even though you aren’t a covert ops anymore. I’ll leave the possibilities up to your imagination... Corpse Dragging When this option is enabled on the server, you can drag dead players using your activate key. You can use this to drag a teammate waiting to be revived away from danger, or drag a dead enemy away so that you can steal their uniform, for example. Double Jump Double Jump allows you to do just that: double jump! When this option is enabled on the server, you can jump mid-air again and gain more height. This makes trick jumping easy, and allows for some interesting gun fights. Hitsounds This extremely popular feature (when turned on in your game) makes a sound when you hit a player. The sound played depends on what you hit. If you hit a teammate, “Hold your fire!” will sound, alerting you that you hit your own teammate. There are two sounds for an enemy hit. One sounds when you hit an enemy’s head and another for a shot anywhere else. You can turn hitsounds off in your Jaymod preferences if you’d rather not hear them. You can also select which hitsounds sounds you want to use. Killing Sprees and Sounds When enabled on the server, the game will keep track of players’ kills and display Unreal-Tournament-like killing spree messages. The Unreal Tournament sounds have been added as well, and, if enabled on the server, will play along with the killing spree messages. This is turned on in your game by default, but you can turn them off in your Jaymod preferences. Jaymod Documentation Obituaries By default, death messages (obituaries) will show up on the left, middle part of your screen. On larger servers where there are a lot of deaths, it is sometimes useful to have those messages display in the chat area instead. In the Jaymod Display menu, you can set where you want these to display. Alternate HUD For those that don’t know, HUD stands for Heads Up Display. This is how things are set up on your screen, like what weapon you’re holding, your compass, how much XP and health you have, etc. Jaymod has an alternative HUD available to use that takes up less of the screen. You can find this option in the Jaymod Display menu. WatermarksServer admins have the option of displaying a small logo on every player’s screen. Usually this logo will fade after a specified period of time, but sometimes admins may decide to keep the logo for an extended or indefinite amount of time. You can adjust the opacity or even completely disable this logo under the Jaymod Display menu. Panzer War When Panzer War is enabled on the server, the whole game-play changes. You will spawn as a Soldier with a panzerfaust, a knife, and 100 grenades. Your player’s behavior is heavily modified as follows: • You do not walk slowly with the panzerfaust as you normally do. • You do not have to wait for your weapon charge bar to charge up before firing off your next shots. • There is neither whine-up sound nor delay, so that you can fire much faster than normal. • Damage is turned down to 1/3 its normal damage, and the splash radius is turned down to 2/3 its normal value. • You do not lose rockets as you fire them off, effectively giving you infinite rocket ammo. This is a fun mode, and as such you cannot complete most maps (as most require engineers to perform certain functions and you cannot be anything but a soldier in this mode). Have fun with this one; it’s a blast! Sniper War Sniper War is another special play mode made just for sharpshooters You will spawn as a Covert Ops with a sniper rifle (respective to the team you’re on), a knife, and binoculars. There are a few changes in this mode to the game play: • You receive all the high level Covert Ops bonuses regardless of your level. • You spawn with 400 rifle rounds. • Headshots with the rifle (when you are scoped) count as instant kills. • If you have hitsounds enabled, a headshot results in a voice shouting “headshot”. As in Panzer War, this is a fun mode. Do not expect to complete the objectives of most maps.
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