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    2020-01-08 19:56:53 ACR: Player ^0Dar^8kin^1 Man silEnT GUID (26ED2DE5256FAEA735A735FED27925C5) IP ( banned for detected game hack
  2. kate


    2020-01-03 18:33:20 ACR: Player SomeDumbAss silEnT GUID (C61E8735015EE1F09A491D8486632E47) IP ( banned for detected game hack
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    omnibot site

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    creating botfiles

    1 / you need to install the omnibot mod, for editing you need Windows or Linux, there is no omnibot client for Mac. Omnibot 0.86: Dev Menu System: http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Basewaypointing Find your install directory of Enemy-Territory, unzip the omnibot-0.xxx zip to it. E.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory\ Unzip the dev menu system zip, and put the OB_DMS.pk3 to the mod folder omnibot. Now you can either directly start Et, and load manually the omnibot mod, or create a shortcut, +fs_game omnibot Check this page for how to use the dev menu system, all in all you just need to bind a key to it: /bind v omnibotmenu http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Basewaypointing Then you can start waypointing a map.. open console, and type /map oasis use the DMS to enable waypoint view.. check how its done. Play around. if you have questions.. go on Here is even more info.. on howto make em climb a ladder - and so on : http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Basewaypointing
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    2019-12-28 04:29:39 ACR: Player kiki alibaba silEnT GUID (46C5D75E5E7975AA4DF5C882FDA8D0B7) IP ( banned for detected game hack
  6. we added today for xmass a new site theme wich is the default one atm so u can change theme at the bottom
  7. i am still learning Gimp; yes for paint
  8. Very good post Pappy i saw them back with their names fixed how did you added the yellow lines at the right side ?
  9. i usually do it manually instead to use the limbo menu E:\Programs Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory EtsKate E is one of mine other partition 1 / at start when you install ET E:\Programs Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory EtsKate\etmain\profiles 2 / after click on the folder name (example for me been kitty 3 E:\Programs Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory EtsKate\etmain\profiles\Kytty3 3 / open your config.cfg file using notepad is way easier u will find some lines with your name example : seta cg_selectedPlayerName "^1E^0t^1s^0|^1K^0a^1t^0e" 4 / now go to your silent folder : profile E:\Programs Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory EtsKate\silent\profiles\Kytty3 lines : seta cg_selectedPlayerName "^1E^0t^1s^0|^1K^0a^1t^0e" seta name "^1E^0t^1s^0|^1K^0a^1t^0e" guys if you have problems sent me your config.cfg file and i will fix this problem
  10. UJE 00 Xmas map objectives drive the tank ,the map is large and a lil confusing
  11. we been a lil drunk cuz all the beers he gave me
  12. kate


    Psuedo-documentation: Watermark example sources http://bani.anime.net/banimod/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2033 View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message Rain Joined: 02 Aug 2003 Posts: 651 Location: Muffin Laboratories Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2003 12:50 pm Post subject: Psuedo-documentation: Watermark example Note: phpbb's search highlighting will break part of this post. If you found this post as a search result, try viewing this thread directly. Since so many people seem to be having difficulties creating watermarks, I'm providing mine as an example. While the creation of the image itself is fairly obvious, I would like to make some comments on image size. As stated in the documentation, image dimensions must be a power of two; along this line, an image size of 128x128 is a good guide to ensure the image quality is acceptable at all resolutions. In Quake 3, RtCW, and ET, elements on the HUD are drawn at a virtual resolution of 640x480, regardless of your actual screen resolution; however, extra detail in the textures used will be shown if the screen resolution is high enough to support it. When the image is resized to 48x48 for the HUD, a 128x128 image will be scaled DOWN to fit this space until the user's resolution exceeds 1706x1280, so 128x128 will probably be ample to ensure your texture isn't stretched to fit. A little smaller or larger won't necessarily hurt, however--the primary concern you should keep in mind is download size. The image itself may be a JPEG or TGA, although a TGA is recommended since JPEG has no support for alpha channels, and therefore cannot contain transparency. ET will always assume that the TGA begins in the lower-left corner, so you will need to be certain that you set whatever program you create the watermark with to save the image this way.
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