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  1. I return! Work has begun to slow down a bit and I now have time to harvest sorrow once more, I will be on again soon; PREPARE FOR THE HARVEST!
  2. Harverster Of Sorrow

    Harvester Of Sorrow

    Hello everyone, a few of you have asked where I have been, what I've been doing, so I thought I would show you some of what I have been up to.
  3. Thanks, I am sure we will run into each other at some point.
  4. Thanks everyone. Thanks Bier, I am not a native English speaker either, and no I did not mean to spell Harverster like that; I will have to change it because that annoys me.
  5. Received Invitation from: Deaditprime In Game Name: HarvesterOfSorrow Real name: Vladimir Alexander Gella Location: Dyer Indiana Gender: Male Age: 23 1/Reason you want to join: Answer questions 1. What is the best thing about the Ets server? People are polite on this server 2. What is your opinion on the following things -the map rotation: Pretty good, I like that new maps are added a few times a week, wish there were more but I am not complaining. -the regulars on the server: Nice people, no one plays rudely. -the Ets Friendly group on the server: No problem with them. 2/Reason you want to join (Please put a yes or no beside the choices provided) : 1) To have more power on the server: NO 2) To be part of a friendly community of gamers: YES 3) Other reasons (give them): I just really like this game, nothing more to it really. Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? NO Clan name and Reason for leaving? (if you answered yes to above question): Do you have Teamspeak? No Do you have Skype ? NO How Many Hours A Day Do You Play ET ?: 1-2 How Many Hours A Week Do You Play ET ?: 7-12 Prefered Class: Medic Primary Weapon: MP40 Backup Class: Engineer Secondary Weapon: K43 Hobbies: Caring for and breeding many species of Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, and Arachnids. Favorite Movie: The Godfather What music do you listen to: Dio, Ozzy, and Kiss are my favorites.
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