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  1. Can i suggest the use of NQ 1.2.9 instead of 1.2.3? i noticed there is a server running nitmod and another running etpub, is there any possibility of converting one of them into nq 1.2.9 as a test drive at least???
  2. I happen to own RTCW at the steam platform, how could i connect to your server then?
  3. Master Exploder(Chile): I recently started playing wolfenstein again (after a long hiatus) and I thought about saying hi to anyone who still plays the game, honestly i was surprised that beth and some ol' folks were still around but that is indeed reassuring. I usually play on both etpub and silent server, I like etpub more than silent but silent is where everyone plays most of the time so i do too, imo the best mod was NQ for it had a wider variety of weapons and combat system while still being fun and enjoyable. As for me irl i'm not exactly fine but not bad either, just trying to get accepted into the military of my country. I hope you guys are doing good an if anyone wanna ask something i'm all ears.
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