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  1. If you remove the new map, maybe the texture will return. I've changed a lot of ET textures, and this sometimes happens. I'll try to get the map and check it out, I might be able to guess which texture isn't loading. Oh, I just saw this topic was posted April 2016, I guess it's fixed already.
  2. spanker


    This would be one instance that the axis didn't capture the porn, then Hehehe
  3. Ok, thanks for the heads-up, Bier
  4. I'm confused... First, I went here: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Trackbase.net: The server you requested is not in the GameTracker database. Then I went to the one you posted this morning: But Topcat said: " Just tested, I dont like the sound on machine guns, it sounds different..." And Bier said: " I Agree! But I hear nobody about the high firing rate of the weapons? I like it... :-) " ??? I went in and the guns had normal sound and normal fire-rate.
  5. That server is closed already? I went to: but it wouldn't connect
  6. spanker

    tuto waypoints

    Cool and useful post, Kate, merci
  7. Is it maybe just that your server doesn't do auto-download? I wondered if it was because I didn't have Silent mod installed. Oh, and thanks for the welcome, GANG$TA
  8. spanker

    ET pics

    Funny One thing perturbs me, though - you people don't have FF on, do you? I hate FF cos it is stressful and causes too much discord
  9. It's the old classic: Couldn't load an official pak file...
  10. Lol, I only registered on Saturday I tried to get into your server, but it wouldn't let me in. My ET install is a new one, so I don't know what the problem is.
  11. Topcat, sorry, I missed your post I guess I'm blind as well as stupid. (Huh! Blind drunk more like!! Harumph!) I was just being facetious, I don't get into trouble (well, generally speaking), but they say that the Devil finds work for idle hands! Eek!
  12. DOH! Sorry, I forgot to explain that I was having trouble finding waypoints for some maps, and I found your excellent waypoints file via duckduckgo.com Thanks very much for that, Kate, you are a veritable mine of exceedingly useful information and resources At the moment, I'm too busy too play, and I managed to wipe out 2 months' worth of work by not realising that the Harlekin installer thingy was going to install itself on the desktop (where my ET work in progress is). There was no warning/error msg regarding a pre-existing folder... So it overwrote it and lost me nearly everything...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! If I can manage it, I'll come and play on your servers tomorrow, but please don't worry about changing another server, it's an awful lot of work, I know, lol. When I can manage it, I'll post some screens to show you some textures. It maybe isn't a good idea to show all of my stuff/ideas, though, cos there's a lot of rude words in my bots names and voice clips... But the textures aren't rude Thanks for the welcome, Kate, this is a nice place to be
  13. Hi, everybody This is a cool looking place - thanks for accepting my forum registration I don't play much on servers anymore cos I got sick of all the antisocial buffoons. These days I'm often tweaking my own settings for offline play with bots. Sad, I know, but it keeps me out of trouble, hehehe. I'm using nitmod, and I've changed a lot of settings (speed/gravity/ammo etc), sounds, textures, skinz etc. Still having trouble with a lot of stuff, but I'll post some screenshots sometime soon. I think the texture changes'll be over the top for some people though, so I'll apologise before I post them.
  14. You prolly all know this already, but ET doesn't make registry changes - so you can have as many ET folders as you like. My main experimental folder (one I keep making changes to) sits on the desktop, but you can have several different ET folders in the same directory (as long as they all have different names, of course.) Some people might wonder why I have several ET folders...well, I'm sure we all love ET, but it's a buggy lil blighter! So, as long as hdd space isn't a problem, it's nice to have an ET install to play online with, and some to mess with. The only problem with this is that if you wanna patch ET, then you have to remember to use the <browse> button to point it in the right direction, cos the default is usually C:\Programs\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory (or something similar, depending on what country/language your ET's for).
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