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  1. good afternoon. Kate, we still do not have them botfiles. for this map .....
  2. tmm35morte

    anos do cla.jpg

    nice foto :-)
  3. tmm35morte

    TMM fotos

    fotos fun
  4. PLEASSSSS need botfiles :-( nice map...
  5. please waypoints ...........
  6. plez plez waypoints :-)
  7. tmm35morte


    my logo n-7 my logo clan
    (skin) is the best I've seen so far. good work runs very well on my server. ET-mod-noquarter 1.2.9
  8. My mod is No Quarter Mod 1.2.9 Sorry Kate but the masters server is for server config.
  9. It's okay, Kate. Needed help with the masters servers. I would like to know which ones are online. thank you very much for your attention. // Master Servers Settings set sv_master1 "etmaster.idsoftware.com" set sv_master2 "master.gamespy.com:27900" set sv_master3 "master0.gamespy.com" set sv_master4 "clanservers.net" set sv_master5 "" Advanced thanks
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