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    this is likely how toppy kills players on ET:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Basic Information: Designer......: Wolf Enstein (Great Britain) E-Mail Address: wilhelm.strasse@protonmail.com Homepage......: http://et.splatterladder.com/ Mod Information: Game........: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Title.......: Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack Status......: Beta 2.6 Modpage.....: http://et.splatterladder.com/ Filenames...: z_hdet2.6.pk3 - z_axis.pk3 Filesizes....: 637 MB - 14MB Build Time..: 9 weeks Release Date: 3rd June 2019 Mod Description: I created this HD texture pack modification in order to give Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory a more up-to-date look. I've used the best HD textures I can find, many of which I've created on my own, also some from other HD packs created for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and some from the excellent work created by Sneakerman, also for Wolf: ET. Many thanks to Harlekin from [!!!]Hirntot for putting me in touch with him. I've changed the weapon skins too and also the skins for the soldiers, giving them a more realistic appearance. Mod Installation for Server-Admins: Put the .pk3 files into the etmain-folder only and the small file will be downloaded by players joining your server. They'll have to go to Wolffiles.de in order to download and use the main HD texture pack. To uninstall this mod just delete the file. This version of the mod only replaces the textures and not the game models. Installation for Players: Put the .pk3 files into your 'etmain' folder. If it's also in the 'etmain' folder of a gameserver you join you will see the HD-textures, weapons and uniforms in-game. Many Thanks: ETc|Jay - https://www.clan-etc.de/phpBB3/portal.php [DIABOLIK]$mart http://diabolik.superforum.fr/ Ronboy - https://mikebwolf.wixsite.com/ronboyproductions Harlekin - https://hirntot.org/index.php Sneakerman - https://discordapp.com/invite/UBAZFys Schnoog, the owner of Splatterladder, for providing an online HQ for all Wolfenstein fans. A million thanks, mate.
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    Received Invitation from: Kate In Game Name: adrian12004 Real name: Adrian Location: Carcow,Poland Gender: Male Age: 30 1/Reason you want to join: Answer questions I want to play and have a fun from game. 1. What is the best thing about the Ets server? Maps, maps and more maps. Players/members too of course 🙂 2. What is your opinion on the folow things: -the map rotation: It is ok. -the regulars on the server: Nothing to complain -the Ets members on the server: I have not met a lot of them yet. 2/Reason you want to join (Please put a yes or no beside the choices provided) : 1) To have more power on the server: No 2) To be part of a friendly community of gamers: Yes 3) Other reasons (give them): To spend my daily hour of ET relaxed. Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? No Clan name and Reason for leaving? (if you answered yes to above question):- Do you have Teamspeak? Not at the moment How Many Hours A Day Do You Play ET ?: ~2 How Many Hours A Week Do You Play ET ?: ~8 Prefered Class: Fieldops Primary Weapon: PPSH Backup Class: Engeener Secondary Weapon: Knife Hobbies: My wife/kid, cyber security Favorite Movie: Matrix 🙂 What music do you listen to: Movie music Have you read and do you agree with all rules and regulations? Yes!
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    Invited By: Kate Player Name: SC88 Real Name: Brian Location: Chicago, IL Gender: M Age: 31 // Reason you Want to Join // Answer Questions // / Section 1 / What is the best thing about our Servers? : the people. its cooperative but not competitive. and knife fights What is your opinion on the following things? - The Map Rotation: i like that new maps are added often. plus most are new to me so its always interesting - The Regulars on the servers: good - The Ets Members on the servers: quality / Section 2 / Reason you Want to Join / To have more power on the servers? : negative To be part of a friendly community of Gamers? : jawohl Other reasons (give them): favorite game, favorite server Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? : yes Clan Name and Reason for leaving? (if yes to above question): my old tag was {iCs}Connolly-S- quit gaming altogether sometime in 2005 // Other Questions // Do you have Skype? : no, but i could always get it Do you have Discord? : ^same^ How many (hours/day) do you play ET? : 0-4 How many (hours/week) do you play ET? : 10+ Preferred Class: Covert Ops Primary Weapon: a stolen mp40 Backup Class: Medic Secondary Weapon: knife Hobbies: cars, bicycles, fishing Favorite Movie: the big lebowski What kind of music do you listen to: post punk Have you read and agreed to the Rules and Regulations? : yes
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    Invited By: Kate Player Name: GEEK JR Real Name: Jeramie Location: Conway SC Gender: M Age: 39 // Reason you Want to Join // Answer Questions // / Section 1 / What is the best thing about our Servers? : old and new players What is your opinion on the following things? - The Map Rotation: Always good - The Regulars on the servers: Cool - The Ets Members on the servers: Champs / Section 2 / Reason you Want to Join / To have more power on the servers? : no To be part of a friendly community of Gamers? : yeah Other reasons (give them): I miss wf Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? : yes Clan Name and Reason for leaving? (if yes to above question): WF // Other Questions // Do you have Skype? : no Do you have Discord? : no How many (hours/day) do you play ET? : depends How many (hours/week) do you play ET? : depend Preferred Class: any Primary Weapon: thompson Backup Class: any Secondary Weapon: pistols Hobbies: Harleys, family time Favorite Movie: porky's What kind of music do you listen to: heavy metal Have you read and agreed to the Rules and Regulations? : yup
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    // Basic Info // Invited By: Kate Player Name: moot >.< (in game, I've also gone by BundyWabbit, Lop, SATINNIQERS666, moot. , moot . , qRelic, NoRushin, SLASHkill, SeverelyIrrelevant, and some other silly ones for fun. But I am not attempting to evade detection, just trying to be creative. I've found out recently however, it was getting me a reputation and I was afraid people were starting to assume I was trying to avoid being caught cheating, I discontinued that and I am sticking to moot >.<) Real Name: Jordan Location: Washington, USA (don't let my VPN location, fool you lol) Gender: Male Age: 28 // Reason you Want to Join // Answer Questions // I play here consistently and I am very used to the settings. I enjoy running into the regulars and members. I also love everyone's dedication to cooperative gameplay. / Section 1 / What is the best thing about our Servers? : The members. Hands down. What is your opinion on the following things? - The Map Rotation: Perfect, if it weren't for the absence of Venice and Fueldump. - The Regulars on the servers: Love 'em. Loads of fun and always fun to chat with. - The Ets Members on the servers: My favorites include Bier, PsychoPappy, the quiet DirkPitt and Hal, and of course Kate ;) also Topcat is a sexy beast! <3 ;P / Section 2 / Reason you Want to Join / To have more power on the servers? : Wouldn't mind more power, but not a primary reason at all. To be part of a friendly community of Gamers? : Very much so. Other reasons (give them): I'd like to be informed of and included in events and planning of events (if any) and such. Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? : Nope, never. Clan Name and Reason for leaving? (if yes to above question): // Other Questions // Do you have Skype? : Nope. But I'd be willing to get one in an effort to keep me from looking like a spooky anon haxor. Do you have Discord? : ^^^ How many (hours/day) do you play ET? : 3-6hrs How many (hours/week) do you play ET? : 21-42hrs (I am currently jobless lol. also absolutely obsessed.) Preferred Class: Medic Primary Weapon: MP40 Backup Class: Soldier Secondary Weapon: Panzer Hobbies: Networking, ET, Drawing/Painting, Techy stuff Favorite Movie: Slasher horror and vigilante action flix What kind of music do you listen to: Almost literally everything. But my top 3 genres are Trap Rap, Dance/Techno, Punk Metal Have you read and agreed to the Rules and Regulations? : Yes indeedy below is a picture of me when I started playing and a picture of me now.
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    They are real friggin' kamikazes, and never give up and never surrender!
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    And if all else fails....:
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    Hello everyone :) Senji here. I've been playing in the server and im really enjoying it! i like the server cfg and ppl in it! I stoped playing et in 2016 but i returned this week :D still trying to get used to it and to the new stuff Feels good to be back to ET! Nice to find a good respectfull active server
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    Odin Sux. He's nothing but a crybaby, he quits when losing and calls names when he's winning. I take pleasure in beating his ass every time im on!!!
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    // Basic Info // Invited By: Kate (A big thanks to Kate for inviting me! I really appreciate the opportunity, but even if I am not accepted, You will see me here always!) Player Name: Cartur Real Name: Arturo Tanus Location: Florida Gender: Male Age: 57 // Reason you Want to Join // Answer Questions // / Section 1 / What is the best thing about our Servers? : I like that there is almost always some one to play with (human). People are friendly and respectful. What is your opinion on the following things? - The Map Rotation: I like to play VOTE so it is always something different - The Regulars on the servers: Odin... he is soooooooooo good... also like playing with Warpath, Kate, Cyberwolf, Oldman, and Bier - The Ets Members on the servers: I think we should organize some internal teams so the non-regulars feel attracted to spend more time with regulars. / Section 2 / Reason you Want to Join / To have more power on the servers? : (yes/no) No To be part of a friendly community of Gamers? : (yes/no) Yes Other reasons (give them): I love playing this game... I have being doing it for probably 20 years. This is a server I enjoy because people are friendly and nice., Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? : No Clan Name and Reason for leaving? (if yes to above question): // Other Questions // Do you have Skype? : No Do you have Discord? : No How many (hours/day) do you play ET? : maybe 2-3, more on the weekends... How many (hours/week) do you play ET? : probably 20-30 Preferred Class: I like best Field Ops Primary Weapon: I like the PHSS Backup Class: I like beinf covert as a back up Secondary Weapon: I love using the flamethrower, but enjoy also the panzer Hobbies: I like hunting, painting, tennis Favorite Movie: Definetily - The groundhog day What kind of music do you listen to: I like rock, but listen to almost anything... depends on the mood Have you read and agreed to the Rules and Regulations? : Yes http://ets-clan.com/forums/topic/58-servers-rules/
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    Aaaahhrrggg! Scrolling through this brought me on the verge of an epileptic seizure ... :-)
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    I was there last tuesday the 25th, in Rotterdam! One of the damn best shows I ever seen!!
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    Player Name: WRECKDUM Real Name: Stephen Location: Canada Gender: Male Age: 40 // Reason you Want to Join // Answer Questions // / Section 1 / What is the best thing about our Servers? : Comradery What is your opinion on the following things? - The Map Rotation: decent - I do find myself playing the same maps in a short playing period - The Regulars on the servers: top shape folks - The Ets Members on the servers: excellent / Section 2 / Reason you Want to Join / To have more power on the servers? : (yes/no) not really To be part of a friendly community of Gamers? : (yes/no) definitely Other reasons (give them): to be part of a clan again Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? : (yes/no) yes Clan Name and Reason for leaving? (if yes to above question): USEF (United States Elite Force) with Soulrider - they disbanded if I'm correct // Other Questions // Do you have Skype? : yes but seldom use Do you have Discord? : no How many (hours/day) do you play ET? : 3-4 hours on my days off How many (hours/week) do you play ET? : 8 or more ? Preferred Class: Engineer Primary Weapon: Garand Backup Class: soldier Secondary Weapon: flame Hobbies: car restorations Favorite Movie: Jaws What kind of music do you listen to: That's tough .... everything ? Anything pressed on vinyl. Have you read and agreed to the Rules and Regulations? : [yes/no] yes a big yes ( applie moved from a private message than WRECKDUM send me )
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    Awesome! Always good seeing you on the server
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    Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I came back to the website, or servers ... can be more than 2 years ... so much has happened during this time ... work, life, computer burnt, a car accident = long months of inactivity ... I'm glad to see that the site is still alive, I will spend some games on the servers soon, I found my file wolfenstein ETS. I wish you a good day . see you soon :D (lol I saw that Odin.dk is still on the game :) time to kill him)
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    Hello everyone
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    I hear ya Geek. Im 41 and things just dont heal as fast as they used to. At least you can play ET while recovering
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    Welcome back GEEK*JR!! sorry to hear about your motorcycle accident, motor vehicle accidents are no fun. i wish you a fast and full recovery! and man, feeling old at 39, i'm 23 and sometimes even i feel old looking at how far things have come throughout life... things sometimes get weirder and weirder as you get older. : \
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    Fuck yeah!!! from your friendly neighborhood PsychoPappy!
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    Welcome to the site Senji feel free to make yourself at home! :3
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    Welcome back, see you around!
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    Come on up then, and I'll make you a Harvester Of Sorry... :-)
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    if you want to step into the salty waters of changing your etconfigs manually, you really should use Notepad++ that way you can edit your etconfig without corrupting it, since an etconfig uses the Unix LF line break type, using Microsoft Notepad is very risky. then all you need to do is just open your etconfig in Notepad++, press CTRL+F, type "seta name", click find, and then modify your playername (without erasing the quotations that your name is supposed to be in between). e.g: seta name "^7ETPlayer" Note: you need to set your playername in your etmain profile, your etmain settings gets passed on to your other mods when you first load them, but if you already have an etconfig for a mod (say etpub) you will need to edit the etconfig for that mod too.
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    You don't like a good fresh cold beer? I wonder where the coffeeshop is in this map. After all the map is made by Dutchies... :-)
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    Mental note that not let pappy drive a tank and much less a transatlantic
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    i been seeing you around on the server for a good while, a good modest player. Sure!
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    Version 1.0.0


    waypoints : night_fight_2.gm 1WOLFENSTEIN 07 July 2019 Initial Script Missing textures Fixes: 24/07/2019 LightRay (maker@bigsighstudios.com) for ETS Inserted missing textures to pk3: island2\sky_8.tga radiant\notex.png Saberpeak_stone\SP_floormarble.jpg saberpeak\sp_rockboulder.jpg skies\vil_clouds1.tga ********************* // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allied forces from stealing the secret war documents from the war room bunker." 2 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from transmitting the secret war docuements using any radio on the island." 3 "Secondary Objective:**Stop the Allied forces from detroying the Cannon Supply Doors and gain a fast entry to the Cannon." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Contruct the Radio Bunker Door preventing Allies from being able to transmit any documents from that radio." 5 "Primary Objective:**Defend the main cannon at all cost, prevent Allies from gaining access and blowing it up." // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Steal the secret war docuemtns from the war room bunker hidden underground." 2 "Primary Objective:**Transmit the war documents at any available radio on the island." 3 "Primary Objective:**Blow up the Cannon Supply Doors for easy access to the main Cannon." 4 "Seconday Objective:**Destroy the Radio Bunker Door if constructed for easy transmission of the secret war documents." 5 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the main Cannon, this is critical for future Allied attacks!" Thank you NOP for your Texturen http://home.comcast.net/~saberpeak/ thanks SteelRat for your scripts and textures Copyright Kaforsven Bei fragen Djskinn@web.de www.etmap.de www.geilercounter.d
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    Just Replaced the screens on these iPhone SE Phones. Note that the one on the left is running it's native iOS firmware from it's release in 2016. ;) And each phone has a label of it's motherboard and iOS version: N69uAP 9.3.3 (Left) and N69AP - 12.1.2 (Right) you can learn more about the iPhone SE here: https://www.theiphonewiki.com/wiki/IPhone_SE
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    Aah okay, there is another canadian, might be him who knows ICPower cause they always play at the same time, got him mixed up with you :)
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    @Wreckdum when did you been in USEF ? i knew this clan in 2003/2004 been playing with them on usef server but many of us been playing on servers named AZL and HKF and ]IoN[ did you remember the usef members names ? and did you remember these names: Bekahlicious, Bane , lilmrsmuffet ?
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    Thanks Bier, cheers to many more rounds ;)
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    Great!! Welcome Wreckdum!
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    I say yes, you seem like a great guy :)
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    * we had to ban the guy named SEAMLESS aka ssaBarraB for obvious WH
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    is a yes from me
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    Version 1.0.0


    Filename: door.pk3 (about 6 Mb) The Axis are attacking, to dynamite a door and to steal some gold. The Allied Forces are defending the door and the gold. Who will win? Only time will tell. Click image for larger version. Note: I also made this map as a so called prefab, for other, beginner mappers to use as a base. Therefore, the .map-file is included. (It is inside door.pk3.) Have fun Loffy
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    Version 1.0.0


    Mappers: +KOMMANDO+ (Original 1944 Huertgen map) Mateos (Since 1944 Huertgen Final 2) ------------------------------------------------- Map Information ------------------------------------------------- Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Title: 1944 Huertgen Forest Xmas Edition Filename: 1944_Huertgen_Final2_Xmas.pk3 Release date: 29th August of 2012 (Final 2) 23nd April of 2013 (Final 2.0 Fixed) 20th September of 2014 (Final 2.1) - Tested by SD folks 11th October of 2014 (Final 2.1) - Public Release 18th October of 2014 (Final 2.1.1) 11th November of 2014 (Xmas Test 1) 22nd December of 2014 (Xmas Test 2) 30th December of 2014 (Xmas) Description: The Axis are launching a surprise attack on allied forces. They are using a Jagdpanther to open the Truckyard Wall to allow an escape with the Allied gold! Programs Used: GtkRadiant 1.4.0 & 1.6.x, Notepad++, ETScript 4 Beta 2, Q-Dir, Picasa, BspShoe, ToDo List, Decompilateur, Q3 Model Tool. Build time: Started January 2012 First Playable the 27/06/2012 Additions the 02/05/2012 Release the 29/08/2012 DoorFix the 03/12/2012 2.0 Fixed Test 1 the 23/03/2013 2.0 Fixed the 23/04/2013 2.1 Test the 20/09/2014 2.1 the 11/10/2014 2.1.1 the 18/10/2014 Xmas Test 1 the 11/11/2014 Xmas Test 2 the 22/12/2014 Xmas the 30/12/2014 Installation: Place the 1944_Huertgen_Final2_Xmas.pk3 file in your etmain folder. Contact: mister_mateos[AT]hotmail.fr Website: - ------------------------------------------------- Compilation Stats ------------------------------------------------- CPU used to compile: Intel Core i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz BSP -meta 23 seconds. -vis -saveprt 2 seconds. -light -fast -samples 2 -filter -patchshadows -bounce 8 -external -lightmapsize 256 1 238 seconds. ------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to ------------------------------------------------- +KOMMANDO+, for his awesome 1944 series. #Kemon, [UJE]Rebel, ailmanki, Avoc, Kic, Magic, Shagileo, Tardis, and all other Splash Damage members who have helped and supported me. 2Bit, Marko, Chruker, Ifurita and some others for their tutorials and prefabs. id Software & Splash Damage, thanks for ET! Big thanks to Niek from [UJE] for his authorization regarding using his assets for this Xmas map! Additionnal thanks to Dragonji, hellreturn, Micha, Sedra12, Smurfer, Teuthis, Thunder, WuTangH and |MTC| clan peeps for their feedback! And special thanks to dFx, for all his help since the beginning, and his Decompilateur! Some assets are taken from Fuel Dump Christmas by Avoc, credits to him! ------------------------------------------------- Further development ------------------------------------------------- > Xmas * Added presents. * Added ambient sounds. * River turned into ice. * Added Christmas-themed speakers. * Replaced most firs by Christmas ones, with lights. * River bottom and sides remade to match Fuel Dump design. * Reviewed texturing in several locations, including indoors and terrain. * Night atmosphere, falling snow, and fog! Finally old PCs can enjoy this map. * Spectators can freely fly around the map, the player clips have been turned into entities. > Final 2.1.1 * Minor fixes. * Re-added a timer to the AT-Gun triggers check for fast servers. * Fixed: An Axis spawn point at the Tank Spawn was disabled on map load, and was getting enabled on spawn switch. > Final 2.1 * Time limit management: - Initial time limit reduced to 20 minutes; - Extension when the Tank is stolen (not on first repair) (+10); - Extension when the Truck is stolen (when exiting the Truckyard) (+5) * Slightly improved VIS blocking. * Optimized T-Junctions some more. * Caulked more non-visible surfaces. * Rewrote shaders and cleaned map script. * Added a flash animation and a firing sound to the AT-Gun when used. * Adjusted the Tank turret rotation angle while shooting the Truckyard Gate. * Fixed the trigger time of the AT-Gun: it will shoot only 5+ seconds after a shot. * Updated the map coordonates so the original Command Map fits with the objectives locations. * Terrain lighting is now on a single lightmap, for a smoothed lighting. However, func_group's still affect it. Also note that the texture blending is affected (only the brushes going through the skybox). > Final 2.0 Fixed * Optimized T-Junctions a lot. * Caulked a lot more surfaces inside the buildings. * AT-Gun: trigger time increased from 0.1 to 5 seconds. * Fixed Flipped Triangles during MergeMetaTriangles pass. * Smoothed shadowing on terrain, less pixelated tree/bush shadows. * Fixed brush/texture alignment on the Foot Bridge (Thanks Tardis). * Spawn areas are SK/Arty/Mortar/Landmine-protected (Thanks |MTC|). * Removed solid brushes at the bottom of the bushes models (Thanks |MTC|). * Reduced AT-Gun blast radius, so behind the house is safe now (Thanks |MTC|). * Renamed the Health and Ammo cabinets, depending on their respective locations. * The Axis Door, east from Farm, can no longer be trickjumped by Allies (Thanks |MTC|). * The Axis North Path door wasn't destructible (Brush was solid): fixed (Thanks Tardis & Harry Homers). * Added Push Targets above Axis North Path building and above Village Bunker to prevent double-jump TJ (Thanks |MTC|). * Changed Axis North Path Command Map icon behavior: - When it is built, it will show up as a Grenade for Allies and a custom icon for Axis, while before it was only showing a Grenade for Allies (Nothing for Axis, could be confusing), - When it is destroyed, it shows Construction Materials for Axis, while before it was showing a custom icon for them. * Colored locations in Fireteam: - Red (^1) for Destructibles. - Green (^2) for Spawns. - Blue (^$) for Water. > Final 2 - General * Added Locations file. * Advanced Light compilation. * Terrain has smoothed shadows now. * Every custom texture has a shader now. * No more "holes" in the middle of the map. * Some Clip added on map sides to avoid any stuckage. * Fixed players possibly stuck when exiting the Wooden Bunker MG. * Wooden barrier near Axis Bunker Spawn isn't weapon-clipped anymore. * Sun appears correctly now. Shader was textures/1944_beach/beach_sun... * Fixed spawns (Flags on Command Map, and players spawning inside the crates). * Corrected the map coordonates, even if it's obvious the CM is older than the actual map... * Added a ladder near solid Bridge so people doesn't need to swim and get hurt to exit this area. * Replaced triangles probably cut with CSG Substrast by normal triangles, for easier brush manipulation. * Removed unused textures, all are now in a single folder different from original map to avoid any conflict. * The "map exists", where you steal the Tank and the Truck, have been decored with Fuel Dump entrance door (Allied Spawn). * Since the map was made from EasyGen (terrain0, etc), I used SimonOC tutorials about terrain blending to obtain the same without any .PCX file (Link at the bottom); But I had to deal with few locations where 3 textures were meeting. - Objective Narrative & Mecanisms * Added Objective/Spawn cameras. * Fixed contruction crates and AT-Gun clips. * Added Axis Ammo Room icon on Command Map for Allies. * Added Axis North Path icon on Command Map for Allies. * Added Truckyard Gate icon on Command Map for both teams. * Added decayed final part for Axis North Path, so after a while the construction will disappear... * The AT-Gun, while destroyed, will now emit smoke; Very noticeable in distance, letting Allies know when the way is free. * Added Artillery Blast Area icon on Command Map for both teams, so Allies know where it triggers and Axis when to use it. - Tank & Truck Related Stuff * Added Truck Smoke. * If by any chance an Allied guy get inside the Truck area before Tank blow up the gate, the Truck is no more escortable until the gate explodes. * Clip above Truck area removed; Axis can destroy the Truck when they want. * Added Tank turret animation (Turning + Shooting + trigger_hurt on trajectory). * Fixed Truck position decay on map start, avoiding any teleporting'n'killing issue. * No more "You are near the Truck" on the hill left from the Truck, moved away the related entity. * Tank and Truck will stop often, since more splines have been added, and spline controls (+33 for Tank, +X for Truck). - Optimization * Caulked more surfaces. * Added Hint/Skip (There were nothing in original). * Put a lot of Caulk structural brushes inside the mountains and hills, and removed the visible ones. * Base, sky and sides were made of plenty caulk brushes... Everything is plane now, a lot less brushes. * Optimized T-Junctions (Thanks ailmanki for the link, and Ifurita for the tutorial, see link at the bottom). ------------------------------------------------- Useful Links ------------------------------------------------- Ifurita's T-Junctions Optimization Tutorial: http://www.splashdamage.com/forums/showthread.php/10838-Tutorial-T-Junctions SimonOC Terrain Blending Tutotial: http://simonoc.com/pages/articles/terrain2_1.htm ------------------------------------------------- This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM (or other media) WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Allied spies undercovered details of an Axis plan to transport a fortune in gold to a more secure location. The Allies have planned an attack to intercept the gold during its stopover in Bremen What's New in Version pk3 Modified by Jecoliah: September 18th, 2012. Used Released Map Source Files to Make Truck Damageable.
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    From the album: Kate and stuffs

    when i started to play ET in 2003
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    Version 1.0.0


    tested for silent mod females medics : skin and voices
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