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    Hello everyone :) Senji here. I've been playing in the server and im really enjoying it! i like the server cfg and ppl in it! I stoped playing et in 2016 but i returned this week :D still trying to get used to it and to the new stuff Feels good to be back to ET! Nice to find a good respectfull active server
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    Welcome to the site Senji feel free to make yourself at home! :3
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    Hey Senji I already met you on the server. Great player! Welcome over here!
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    Welcome, it's good to see new faces. I hope to play with you on occasion.
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    Pappy... Really.... If I wasn't already a bit disturbed by your preferences, this just tipped me over! ;-)
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    Welcome back, see you around!
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    welcome back snake man! :D
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    ribbit ribbit, ribbit, ribbit ribbit! from one of my favorite childhood tv shows, (skip to 3:30 for the ed ribbit). :3
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    Welcome back Harvest good to see you back.
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    This is gonna be great a legend returns home I can't because I'm sick with the flu
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    Come on up then, and I'll make you a Harvester Of Sorry... :-)
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    Sweet! A bit bright for in the middle of the night, but nice!
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    The morning of 24 February, 2015 at 11:31 UTC. THIS... is my bedroom Window! the temperature outside was -32'C / -26'F i could not believe my eyes as it is almost completely iced-over.
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