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  1. you cant take this and change all you want .. hehe few minutes on paint
  2. bravo pour ton interprétation de zappa et lol oui je comprend la page noir . pour supertramp .. j aime tout ce qui vient de rodger hudson vinyle ou cd .. lol j ai 59 ans le vinyle pour moi sera toujours une douceure a l oreille ci il est en bonne condition
  3. titties and beer .. the beging of rap hehehe the end is a exelent .
  4. i play the piano since long time ... and i thing ,,,, i am and we are ,,,, lucky to here all of the song who its was compos since most years and yes zappa was and always ...
  5. i want to say bier is important to me lol sorry and all of ets hehe
  6. i wish that i am there to play you this piece but for the moment i do not wisht it, i prefer play supertramp. because beer is important for me hehe
  7. heeeeehaaaaa  


  8. merci half de me souvenire .... great song .... going to california  led  ....... mandoline and seche guitare   thats the music.

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