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  1. Welcome to our clan 8-)
  2. hehehe :) welcome in our clan SGT Nick , it was a pleasure to play with U
  3. ahahah cool you're a metallist too :) ... I see exactly what your job is :). so I will add a precision to mine ^^: the quenching furnace is gas (water / polymer and air quenching) and my tempering furnace is electric, sometimes I take care of an annealing furnace which operates under vacuum with nitrogen. so I make different steels: -super alloy for aeronautics. -HSS steel for cutting tools. -aluminum tubes for jet fighters . -and for 2 and a half years, titanium (dentist, surgery, car parts). -and zirconium (very hard to work). Of course everything that is control hardness / pyrometry control / geometry control ...
  4. I wish you a good restorative holiday
  5. THX Tutox :) I think your work is as essential as mine, we are like the worker ants of a colony, so every ants is important. I also think that the point of view plays a lot in the importance of the work ... for example a pure ecologist would see my work negatively for sure. but yep i love my job
  6. hello everyone :) I had posted on the old site, my job. my job consists in treating metal parts in a heat treatment + quenching furnace and in a tempering furnace. I work for nuclear / military / aviation and sometimes for formula 1 / rally ... all the pieces I do have a minimum 40-year follow-up, so my name too ... I will take some photos of what I have the right to photograph, to give you an overview of my work. my furnaces can handle small parts up to 6 meters by 1.50 meters. From next week I am starting a qualification in NDT Non Destructive Control (magnetoscopy and ultrasound), so I will be absent for the whole week, maybe a little more. I will post some pictures of what this profession consists of :)
  7. nope sorry i didn't use skype or others
  8. yes , it's for this i'm warning about vaccine , it's not for all people and im' not anti-vaccine be sure of that ... health problem can be dramatic with this kind of vaccine , in fact ARN seringue was not a vaccine . i think moderna is little less dangerous than the others ( it's my opinion)
  9. covid splits people ... lethality is not worth a vaccine ... I have the instructions for use of pfizzer ... it is stipulated that people under 17 should not be injected, epileptics , diabetics, heart failure should not take it either ... my father who is in 3 of these 4 cases had the vaccine and his heart stopped 30 min (just few hours after the second injection) ... atm he has been in hospital for 1 month and a half ... I just wanted to say it because all is not rosy or white in life a lot of people shouldn't have to take it. take care of U
  10. nice historical intro :) , i have a little story like this for dukenukem and the stadium stage ... perhaps another time cuze it's too long for explain this :) welcome bro !
  11. coool a new Ets :) have nice time with you !
  12. PDK


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