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  1. I appreciate all of the help. I'm sad to say I might be keeping my old (11 year old) PC around and I guess just replug when I want to play ET, and replug when I play COD. Kinda dumb, but I can't get the stuttering out of ET on win11 and really don't like starting over on legacy. I turned all of the bull sh*t off on win 11. Changed compatibility modes.....running admin...I give up. You guys are right, new games run pretty sweet...... or do they? I still got my win7 disc......Just didn't install a CD drive, lol. Hope you guys are enjoying the influx from steam. I wish this would have happened years ago, but !cheers to new life!
  2. Thank you for the help. I am very curious to see what Sysinternals Suite reveals.
  3. Built a new PC. I love it. I've used windows 7 for as long as I possibly could. Even though I've copy and pasted my config and now I have a much better cpu and gpu; The game play seems more jittery or laggy. I'm on the same isp and it's good, I don't understand why in game it seems stuttery even though i have steady FPS and better processor, grafix card, etc. I don't understand how it can feel so different. Is there any Window 11 users who had same issues?
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