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  1. The problem is with any keyboard? Maybe like bier said it's a problem with the usb port. How many usb ports has he and the problem has occured even if he tries all of the usb ports?

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  2. Just now, kate said:

    yes dunno if you read the ken Follet books wich one i am a big fan but he wrote many books about the wars we had around the world

    I haven't read them but I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to share important days on history, not just in France or Europe but worldwide

  3. invitation from : Kate

    In-game name: Vixda

    Previous gaming aliases: lobitozxc, vixda (I don't remember if I have used the Anysoul name in ET)

    Previous clans: No

    Age: 26

    What country are you from?: Colombia

    What languages do you speak?: English, Spanish, French

    Do you use a translator to post in English? No

    How did you find our community?: I have seen the messages in the server and Kate told me about the server the last week

    Do you have any admin experience?: No

    Will you be able to help in recruiting new members?: Yeah, I'll try

    Do you have any special expertise (coding, modding, Photoshop, etc.)?: A little of coding

    Tell us about yourself (optional): Well... I have recently graduated from electronical engineering and I'm improving my programming skills. I draw in my freetimes and I like to watch anime sometimes

    Playing regulary on our server and collected at least ~100k XP

    Do you agree  with the rules : Yes

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