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  1. Youtube is trash since all videos, no mather the lenght, have too many ads. I started to pay spotify because I got tired of those ads and also downloaded youtube vanced, although I know that app has many flaws
  2. Or even better, I found the wolfenstein's font and maybe with that we can put even our names with wolfenstein's font Here is the font https://fontmeme.com/fuentes/fuente-wolfenstein/
  3. Combining Kate's logo with the official logos I thought that maybe we could put, at the front of the shirt, Kate's logo and the "W" of wolfenstein, and at the back, we can put our ingame names and the wolfenstein at the bottom
  4. Maybe I'll search for his books later, I'm a big history fan hahahaha
  5. I haven't read them but I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to share important days on history, not just in France or Europe but worldwide
  6. I'm late but I wish you a happy birthday, hope that you had a nice day, Nyny
  7. On this day, 25 August 1944 Paris is liberated by the Allies. Ce jour-là, le 25 août 1944, Paris est libéré par les Alliés.
  8. His channel is one of my favorites in youtube. I guess my favorite episode is the castlevania marathon
  9. Garden spider are harmless... The only ones I fear are the recluse spiders
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