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  1. Ulmen b3 - Ulmen_b3 .pk3 and waypoints

    Basic information

    Author: destr!8r

    Email address: [email protected]    //can mail bugs here
    Webpage: http://anclan.nl

    Release date: 21st March, 2009
    Filename: ulmen_b3.pk3
    Program: GTK-Radiant, Easy Gen, Photoshop CS3
    Build time: started work 2008-12-20
    compile time: BSP: 90sec, VIS: 4,5 hours
    Compile machine: AMD Phenom 9850 X4, 4 GB RAM

    Map information

    Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
    Map time: ?? min
    Map DescriptionThis map is based on a real existing village in Germany. Any objective accurs in this map has not happen in that village ever!
    Axis took the village under their control and used it as their control center for upcoming missions.
    Surrounded by hills it is nearly impossible to reforce the Axis power. Therefore axis send their best troop to this village in order to secure top secret documents and gold!
    Though, Allied Intelligence found this village and made several air attacks and send soldier to that place to gain the power of the secret documents !
    Map ObjectivesAllied objectives:
    *Steal the docs
    *transmit them
    *Destroy the 2 walls
    *Steal the  gold
    *Bring the  gold to the truck
    *Escort the truck
    *Destroy the barriers
    *Construct the Generator
    *Construct a Command Post

    Axis objectives:

    *Defend the docs
    *Defend the 2 defense walls
    *Defend the gold
    *Build the 2 barriers
    *Stop the Allies from escorting the truck
    *Destroy the Generator
    *Construct a Command Post


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  2. goldrush germany fixed - goldrush_germany_fixed.pk3 and waypoints + z_goldrush_germany_music-mod

    Map Information:

    Title.......: Gold Rush Germany
    Map Name....: goldrush_germany_fixed
    Status......: Final/Fixed
    Game........: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
    Build Time..: 3 Months
    Release Date: 02. January 2010Description:

    The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in the Aschaffenburg Reichsbank. The Allies must steal an Axis Hetzer Tank to blow the bank open, steal the gold bars and drive them to safety in a Truck.
    Additional Information:
    This new version of Gold Rush is more a technical demo to show the Hetzer Tank and the GMC Truck.
    We thought that the 7638th version of Gold Rush has to look different, so we retextured the map and setted the scenario to Aschaffenburg (Bavaria).
    Aschaffenburg was one of the few cities who was not bombed during World War II, only invaded by Infantery.
    If you enter the church as spectator you can see different variants of the truck.
    The models may used in your own map, but give credit to ischbinz.

    Changes from "Final" to "Final/Fixed":

    The damaged Truck is now builded in.
    Well, we forgot it. Shit happens.
    Thanks to [*]Irata for reporting the bug.


    - Map originally made by Simon O'Callaghan / www.SimonOC.com
    - Recompiled by ischbinz
    - Retextured by Berzerkr (GER)|#WolfMap.de
    - Skybox made by Avoc of www.EFT-Clan.com
    - Textures used from TC:E, RtCW & Diego's Praetoria map / http://webpages.charter.net/dt3d/praetoria.html


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  3. ffm_b1 frankfurt -ffm_b1.pk3 and waypoints

    a big thank you to SENTENZA for the map and the waypoints files
    Map Information
    title:          FFM - Frankfurt
    file:           ffm_b1.pk3
    author:         FFM*Sentenza
    co-author:      FFM*r0rK
    email address:  [email protected]
    discord:        Krischan#3949

    release date:   not yet (testing stage)
    editor:         NETradiant 1.5.0, Netradiant Custom 1.5.0n
    tools used:     Photoshop 2020, Audacity, Presonus Studio One, Notepad++
                   Blender, Ultimate Unwrap 3D, Substance Painter, XNview
    ETCC Command Map Tool, Q3 Model Tool, MD3compile
    build time:     started in 2005 with many breaks of many years in between
    compile time:   10 mins on a [email protected],6GHz

    Assets with a known license

    * American vehicle Models (Jeep, Halftrack) by detoni (detoeni.uk)
     License: You may use this file providing it's not for profit.
     Source: unknown

    * Church Bench, Pew and Pulpit Models by http://www.blackrayne.net
     License: You can use it freely in any games as long as you include a
              note indicating you got it from me
     Source:  unknown

    * Coffin by Tamara "Ophelia" Crossley ([email protected])
     License: Include authors name and email address in the credits for there work
     Source:  unknown
    Assets by FFM*SENTENZA
    All Models in the "mapobjects/ffm/" folder are created by FFM*SENTENZA. Most
    of the textures are created by FFM*SENTENZA, but some are reworked from many
    different sources I can't remember.

    License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

    Map Trivia
    - started in 2005, after a real visit to the old city of Frankfurt, Germany
    - the club is actually a hommage to a famous club at Frankfurt Airport
    - the "radio poster" is a hommage to a famous local techno radio show
    - the crypt is a hommage to our second clan [AwB] Attawaybaby
    - the industrial complex "produces" real local food and beverages
    - the old city is a condensed version of the old city of Frankfurt
    - the bridges, the Roemer Townhall and the Cathedral are at their correct
    position like in reality
    - the Roemer Townhall is quite realistic, also the buildings opposite to it
    - the bunker is fictious

    FFM Map Credits

    We've created a lot of assets, but sometimes we've chosen to use ready assets
    from other people. We wish to thank you for your work in this file and respect
    your work. If you read this and want to use assets from our map in your own
    work, please respect the other artists work and license, too like we did.


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