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  1. ok i dont understand whats going on i am getting the darn connection issue again last time i ended up getting a new phone was working fine first day or two


    1. kate



      contact your internet provider  maybe ?

      when u play ET , stop the other programs running

  2. first it was just kicking me off like my internet connection was bad went thru alll that then i connect my name said utietplayer something like that maybe my laptop is just dying from being too old so im going to smash it with a hammer and buy a new 1
  3. i dont know why mine isnt working ill try to get the patch files again i guess
  4. ok is any 1 having trouble with et main serverlist not showing up i havenyt change anything i turned on my laptop and no list grrr
  5. and yes in the last 8 years i replaced the keyboard on this laptop twice the (w)(s)(a)(d) went out lol
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