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  1. Hello everyone, Bouliche and I have been invited by Kate to join ETS, so after a few months (or almost years now), here we go :) So to begin with, here's Popotte : invitation from : Kate In-game name: Popotte Previous gaming aliases: I had countless since 2005 so I'm not going to mention all of them.. Previous clans, if any: I left my last clan somewhere around 2010 so it's not worth mentionning .. and reason why you left : stopped playing, started working (should have done it the other way around but meh...) Age: 33 What country are you from?: France What languages do you speak?: French, English, bits of spanish, bits of Italian Do you use a translator to post in English? No How did you find our community?: Randomly, by browsing the list Do you have any admin experience?: Yes on multiple games Will you be able to help in recruiting new members?: To be honest, not really since we don't play a lot and only on EU time, we don't often meet the US players Do you have any special expertise (coding, modding, Photoshop, etc.)?: On computers, not especially, I'm more familiar with smartphones, cars, economy, investments ... Tell us about yourself (optional): Nothing special, I used to be an accountant and since september I work in the software. Playing regulary on our server and collected at least ~100k XP : I think I passed 100k Do you agree with the rules : What if I answer "no"? ... fine, yes then :( As we told to Kate, we don't play often, 2h a week is almost a max for us so I hope you don't mind. We play mostly on sundays mornings (between 8/10 GMT) unless there are more lockdowns to come :)
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