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  1. Mine would be of a personal nature because I can't imagine myself creating something that -everyone- would like so, mine would (gladly) be of a personal nature. I have always used Alfred E. Neuman from MAD Magazine as my personal logo. It's traditional. I have to think about the font and the pic and find a way to make that work then, create a way to translate that to you without a lot of work on your part. Mixing and recording I can do but graphics is not my strong point. With Alfred though, I have so many great photo options to choose from (decades of cover art: https://www.madcoversite.com/allthumbs.html ) that's it's hard to pick just one. I have some ideas in mind. The WOLF FONT that was posted looks really cool too. Basic Questions >>> Name brand of tee's you will use? No shrink/no wrinkle collar? Thickness? Short sleeve? Long Sleeve?
  2. @ BEDARIUS: SUPERTRAMP SOUND CHALLENGE FOR YOU! ITEMS NEEDED >> 1. LP (Record/Vinyl): Breakfast in America 2. CD: Breakfast in America 3. Turntable 4. CD Player LISTEN AND COMPARE THE LP to the CD! My Personal Pick: The LP Version! @ BEDARIUS: You said that you played piano so, here's some stuff to glance over. THE BLACK PAGE #1 (PIANO SOLO): Originally composed as a drum solo, this is the piano solo version The drum solos are on Zappa - Live in New York as Black Page #'s 1&2 if you want to hear those solos. The name comes from there being so many combined drum/percussive notes that the music sheets were black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVqpxFBHAHc The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary Don't let the cartoonish vocal effects and story throw you. There's some crazy complicated music in this song to be sure! It's also pretty funny! The 'Big Swifty' portion of the song even uses an electric IBM typewriter for rapid percussive rhythms that are tight-tight-tight. It's just great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aymj5wcIhiY Various ZAPPA PIANO/SYNTH/ SYNCLAVIER Selections https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZUCHBgqJJM&list=RDdZUCHBgqJJM&start_radio=1&rv=dZUCHBgqJJM&t=15 @ BIER and TOPCAT: Sooooo, we have some George Duke fans in the house... GROOVY! By the way, Ruth Underwood dropped out of Julliard to join Franks band! I love her! Anyway, I have a couple of things for you guys to look over surrounding George Duke. Just some things I threw together that may be good. George was, in my view, THE best keyboard player that ever sat in with Frank. George had the conservatory/classical chops (training) AND a really great sense of humor as well. Frank really loved that about George. They were friends for sure! Here are some clips that hopefully will make you think, make you laugh and/or twist your brain into noodles wondering,"HOW THE FUCK CAN A HUMAN PLAY THIS STUFF?" George Duke on Frank Zappa! George Duke talks about how he started playing with Zappa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERFUbX648S4 Frank Zappa - RDNZL (studio version) Beautifully produced and so very complicated! WOOF! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlwLNcBD68k FUNNY! Smell My Beard (Original Version) The Booger Man (Original Version) Including... -Marty Perellis (FZ's Road Manager) -George Duke (Keyboards and Story Teller) Re. Funny Moment On The Road Surrounding Marty Perellis For fun, the boys had a routine thing that they did on tour called 'Moontrek' where Frank would just let Napoleon Murphy Brock and George Duke cut up and jive talk. On this night, they broke away from that and told a very funny story about their road manager Marty Perellis. There's a lot of stage/crowd laughter going on during this story. There's a rule. A BIG rule and that is you NEVER give out the real names of groupies. While telling this story George begins to mention the gals but, in the background, just before he can say anything else you can here a "hey!" to remind him of the no name rule. George is then being fed made up names to use by one of the band members in the background which, is pretty funny to hear. Even they crack up. So, the girls in the story become Ms. Cool, Ms Jewel and, Ms Stool. So, here's George Duke's story and song about Zappa's road manager and his hotel adventures. Smell My Beard (Original Version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJqJd_WpKls -INTO-- The Booger Man (Original Version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ2CivShsgI And now, the wonderful RUTH UNDERWOOD! Rollo / Ruth Underwood and Zappa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrdjkdS_qY8
  3. Here's a link to all sorts of Zappa movies. One is 'ROXY-The Movie' DVD rip: https://archive.org/details/zappa-on-video
  4. If I remember correctly, it was Watermelon in Easter Hay. There is a cut on You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 1 that has Flo and Eddie doing "The Groupie Routine" which is great ha ha. "AWWWW! You know David Cassidy?! You Guys!!! You guys are our FAVORITE band! So are you in Hollywood long?" Ha ha I think I feel where you are coming from. Let's just say that you left off where the Flo and Eddie era was coming to an end. It all REALLY ended when Frank was knocked off stage in London >>> https://ultimateclassicrock.com/41-years-ago-frank-zappa-pushed-off-stage-in-london/ that put him on the sidelines for quite sometime. From a wheelchair, he made records and wrote music and had auditions for and rehearsals with his new lineup for about a year or so. Then in 73 /74 he introduced the world to the new Mothers of Invention lineup. THAT'S THE BEST PLACE FOR YOU TO START. The 73/74 George Duke/Ruth Underwood era. The movie AND the cd/lp of "The Roxy and Elsewhere" (recorded live at The Roxy in LA 1973) is freaking great too .
  5. A Business Lesson By Frank Zappa You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore VOL 2 THE HELSINKI CONCERT 1974 Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar: ____________________ Frank Zappa Movie: Live at the Roxy; L.A., CA 1973 https://tubitv.com/movies/468309/frank-zappa-live-at-the-roxy ___________________ A Token Of His Extreme Universal Music Group Is Now the Home of All Things Frank Zappa! POSTED: Jun 30, 2022
  6. Lets have fun... To kick things off, THIS opening selection is a really impressive and totally laid back LIVE journey into an era of Zappa's music that I personally hold as one of his most productive -as well as the music that Frank wrote being consistently well performed by musicians that all had conservatory chops. Ruth Underwood dropped out of Julliard to join Franks band. I love her! 73 through 76 yielded a treasure trove of top notch Zappa material such as Live @ The Roxy shows | The Helsinki, Finland 74 show (You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol 2) | Studio Tan/Sleep Dirt ('Leather' material) | One Size Fits All, The Grand Wazoo, etc... Let's get things started with Franks classical compositions, shall we? Frank Zappa’s Orchestral Favorites | Recorded Live on 9/18/1975 Released on: 1979-05-04
  7. This is a 2 hour project that I created.. Some of the material seen above was spliced into this experimental project of mine. I let the material that I edited together tell the story! This was all charted out on paper then executed as an experimental conceptual video project. ---------- PART 1 ---------- 00:00:00 > 00:32:32 ---------- PART 2 ---------- 00:32:33 > 00:53:11 ---------- PART 3 ---------- 00:53:11 > 01:11:01 ---------- PART 4 ---------- 01:11:01 > 01:21:36 CREDITS (and THE BRIGHTER SIDE of LIFE) My Audio Layering Behind CREDITS and Actual Video Clip Footage After Credits From: Host John Kilduff paints while jogging on a treadmill, blends a drink and takes your calls live. --------- PART 5 ---------- 1:21:36 > 1:53:06 Signoff! "Music Throughout the Night" A Journey in Sound This Is A Music Based Audio/Video Mix by: Me IT'S MY TRIBUTE TO T. V. STATIONS THAT WOULD PLAY LOTS of MUSIC BEHIND TELEVISION TEST SCREEN PATTERNS UNTIL SUNRISE!
  8. Here's a conceptual piece that I made. Nothing fancy. Just right to the point. Raw Data: The first video is a leaked tape from someone inside the ABC engineering/production hubs. I had a basic mix idea and this video is where I would grab my audio samples from. It has AMY ROBACH speaking about Jeffrey Epstein and that she thinks he was "100%" murdered. Then she warns that Gishlaine Maxwell should "watch her back" from now on. My Mix: The second video is a mix that I made with Amy Robach audio samples and tons splices/edits of metaphorically referenced audio/visual material surrounding Jeffrey and Gishlaine.
  9. I have been away for a little bit dealing with music/legal stuff as well as trying to enjoy retirement and keep the yard looking good in-between a new lawn service. All has ended very well. Now, I am trying to remember to CHILL OUT and enjoy myself again. Among other things I have been getting into, I finished digging through some old hard drives and found/archived lots of off-the-cuff video shorts. These 'shorts' (and some full length items) were never made to show to people. I made them for my own enjoyment and for whatever reason, they have been tucked away on hard drives. Nobody has ever seen them. I'm not out to impress the world. I just try to have fun. If people like them - great! If not, well, I won't lose any sleep over that I can assure you. I have a lot more stuff to upload to the YouTube but, in time. Here's a montage of Negativeland videos that I edited together.
  10. The video title says "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player - Official Launch Trailer" However, you are correct Kate! It's RTCW.
  11. An old friend and fellow ex dP:! clan member posted this link today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS5IfummjX4 Additional info here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/et It was originally posted to YouTube 11/19/2021 (last Friday to be exact). Will I buy the PC version of the disc? Yes. Yes I will and with an extra copy or two kept in the package for collecting. Pappy has a great point about UE-5 that carries over into this 'new' release IMO (see my links above) because, if I can't snipe the way that I am used to then, that would be a huge drawback for me. Still, there may be features that would help me to overlook that aspect. We shall see. The first thing that came to my mind while watching this NEW trailer was this post of Kate's about the UE-5 project and how much better the UE-5 graphics in her video looked when compared to those of this video for the 11 30 2021 release. That's just my personal perspective. There's a remarkable difference when I compare the two and to me, I found that to be a bit odd. The UE-5 graphics look so good that they should, at the very least, also make a QUALITY UE-5 ET Movie Maker Tool (a DM_84 Demo tool to be exact). A tool like that c/o UE-5 would make demos look wayyyyyy better. UE-5 Movie Making Tool with: > Various "click and choose" graphics scripts plus features that improve video output quality. > Provide ease of playback and better viewing controls and options. > Options to rip various demo segments just by adding time start ??:?? | time end ??|?? (pop fresh cuts/clips off, on the fly, into a new folder) > Burn/Transfer clips, on the spot, in various formats outside of AVI to a new master file. Now I wonder if the UE-5 and this new release can be merged for even better graphics?
  12. Unreal Engine 5 experiment. It looks great. I've never seen the game have such a 'wet' and clean look to it.
  13. I have to confess: I don't own any of their material. I also never 'made copies of any sessions' to take home during my years. That's a HUGE no-no in the business. That's the truth man. When you work on an LP/CD, you hear those songs SO MANY TIMES before they hit the shelves that you don't need the CD! Some of you out there may have private home sessions and record a lot. Cheers to you too! I don't care WHAT it is man but, before your tracks are mixed down and ready for CD or, just a finished track to have on your rack (aka In The Can) you have heard THAT material A WHOLE LOT! The golden moments for me that the public will never know OR hear came at the end of a typical 14 hour recording day in the form of SPONTANEOUS JAM SESSIONS! The producer: When he leaves for the day, it's like daddy has left and the house and all of us boys want to be 'naughty' and HAVE SOME FUN ha ha. At that point it's just me, the main engineer and the band members. That's it! That's quality 'let's get fucking nuts' time!! #1 RULE: WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - STAYS IN VEGAS!!! No matter who they are, everyone at some point will let it all hang out at the end of a long recording day. FUCK!!! THOSE JAMS ARE A TREASURED, powerful memory! I wish they would do that live or release material like that because man, that's when you see what they are really made of! Wow! They would just --JAM!!! One jam alone clocked in at 46 minutes! HELL YEAH! Me and the main engineer would just throw in a DAT tape, sit back at the console and record it all. This was strictly a secret between me and the main engineer -period! We captured all of those moments BUT never told the band or the producer. That is, until the sessions were over. Then, he and I would present the band with the DAT 'JAMS' tapes (one for each member) as a gift. It had it all man! THEY LOVED THAT! They never knew we recorded that stuff. It's a great feeling seeing them so happy too! In the end, when it's all wrapped up on my end, your just happy to have a finished project that you can hopefully be proud of. Almost as soon as it's over, you're onto yet another project. There's no time to think and reflect because you were always moving onto a brand new thing. Kind of makes me home sick in way. The producer and main engineer get all of the credit in the end and, that's just fine with me. That's how things roll but, as the producer once told me with his arm around me, "Every brick in the house MATTERS and some, more than others." It was a compliment. These things don't make themselves and I was proud to have been there! Looking back the one thing I could not fucking stand was having to be in Los Angles, CA for long periods of time. Visiting and having fun: yes. Living there: Piss off!!! New York, Nashville, Mississippi, Chicago and Colorado were my most loved places to be. Europe runs on 220 (?) voltage and we run on 110 here in the USA. I would LOVE to visit studios in Europe on day. Those old, old post WW2 tube microphones that are everywhere in Europe and their 220 current power make for some really wonderful, dynamic sounding recordings. The stereo separations and dynamics are fantastic!! BIG SOUND!
  14. My brother, my brother! :) Us old vikings never die, we're just more selective about when we put on our 'war paint' :) PEACE !
  15. Hmmm. All that I can think of is that it's a region issue. Maybe ??? Try clicking the direct link and go straight to YouTube for a view. If that fails then, I don't know. I ripped the video to my archives but the file size if too big for posting here. Sorry dude :(
  16. This whole thing is great. The conceptualizations, editing , continuity... I love it! It's all one conceptual piece made up of many individual components. OH! You need to check out the PINNED comment within the YouTube video. You just have to read it to believe it man! Pretty wild!
  17. I've been cleaning out a lot of old stuff from two offline PC's that I used to use constantly for audio editing and mixing. Among other things, I also came across some (incomplete) pictures that I randomly snapped while working with the Counting Crows on their Sessions. These were all that I could dig up so far but, I know there's a lot more --somewhere!! At this stage, we had already laid down all of the ground tracks (the framework for the entire mix) so, it was just individuals popping back into the studio from time to time to hammer out small overlays and "punch-in's" which left a lot of time for everyone else in the band to take a break and have fun fucking off! It was my job to keep them happy and give/get them whatever they asked for to keep the vibe flowing :) Anyway... here we are (even my "#1 Super Fun Time Girl" Cammy) hanging out and playing basketball at the studio. The lead singer, Adam Duritz, is on page 7. He had JUST come from knocking out vocal tracks. Crazy eh? It's shit like this that you don't go around blabbing about. You just did your job and had a great time too! Ya get one go on this crazy merry go round called LIFE so, ENJOY THE RIDE! Cheers! PS: That's me (2nd engineer) at the soundboard. The good ole days :) COUNTING CROWS AND ME PLAYING BASKETBALL AT SWEET TEA STUDIOS.pdf
  18. I'M FINISHED! Good to relax again. This was how I felt yesterday around 8 pm >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdwPGZi-3yQ
  19. I'm being approached by a few people who want me to help them with their personal need. They have businesses. This is mostly Real Estate and finance related matters which, is REALLY boring stuff to most folks so, I will just leave it at that. Anyway, I've got their back -always- and will be in and out for now until the paths are clear. Just letting you know what is going on. Hope to see you soon. Thanks, Centrifuge
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