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  1. You are a very bizarre person Kate. As i mentioned previously in my post to you when i joined, where i choose the play is my business. Others in ETS play on other servers as well and i mentioned this to you that people are leaving when the old maps come on. It gets boring so sometimes i also play somewhere else occasionally. As far as what i speak or anything else about me, thats none of your business. But i do live outside Montreal so what does that tell you? Im sorry Cyber is going through issues and the new maps are slow in coming but you rotate off maps new to ETS too soon and leave the old maps which has nothing to do with programing. I also offered to help with that also if Cyber is unavailable.
  2. But if youre going to rotate out maps, why rotate out the new maps? When i say new, i dont mean as in newly created, i mean new to the rotation. Cant it be a fair rotation, rotate half the maps that have been on the server for a long time for ones that havent. When you look at maps like wurzburg and siwa, they say the last time they were played which means the last time they were voted on were either never or over 50 maps ago. So its hard to believe people are asking for them As i said, lets make it fair, lets have a vote among ETS plays and let majority decide what stays and goes. I think youll find the maps that have probably been on for a long time no one wants to play anymore
  3. Why are we removing great maps like lighthouse and keeping old maps like wurzburg radar and siwa? It gets really boring playing the really old maps but the new maps are alot of fun! Can we please put the newer maps back on in lieu of the really old maps? it would be a good idea to have a vote among ETS before removing newly added maps
  4. So a player was on with similar colors and skills as Loira/Doink. They were called nyu. Hmmm maybe we should investigate?
  5. Thanks all, ill wait the week as Pappy recommended. Anyone here upgrade to 2.78 yet? If so, what have your experiences been?
  6. Its whatever launches when you start ET. Thats where im prompted to upgrade
  7. All, i have been getting prompted to upgrade to version 2.78 every time I sign into ET. Has anyone upgraded successfully? I am worried if i upgrade that i wont be able to connect. Anyone upgraded to this version yet and does anyone know how to roll back if i am unable to connect? Thoughts and input are welcome
  8. Thanks Doink, i enjoy playing with you as well! yes i use a flamer, but play with me long enough and you will see i use many weapons. Whatever gets the job done!
  9. Thats great, thanks Cyber
  10. I think you get the best beer in Europe. Do they still make Henninger BTW? I had some when i visited before
  11. On the map Chartwell, can you make the bots on the allied side go to different doors? They block the one small door and its hard to get past them. Thanks!
  12. Talking with Bedarius about beer tonight. Made me wonder, what does everyone like to drink? I like Molson, Bed was drinking Sapporo..... paste a pic of your favorite <----- My favorite <------- Bedarius
  13. Apologies. I think we all have our favorite class or weapons we like to use. I do play other positions and i play Axis and Allies when necessary. Tonight, icpower and i got into an epic flamer battle on Paris Bastille. Lots of fun!
  14. Hi, i was looking for help. I programmed some vsay settings and when i sign off and then sign back on, they aren't saved. i have to keep resetting them. Also, some of my buttons aren't saved either. (i.e. buttons for jump, etc...) Does anyone know why i keep loosing my vsay and other settings? Thanks in advance
  15. invitation from :the ets name who invited you - Kate In-game name: ShotCall3r Previous gaming aliases: N/A Previous clans, if any: N/A and reason why you left : N/A Age: 43 What country are you from?: Canada What languages do you speak?: English Do you use a translator to post in English? No How did you find our community?: Stumbled on server, never left! Do you have any admin experience?: Only in my personal life! Will you be able to help in recruiting new members?: Absolutely Do you have any special expertise (coding, modding, Photoshop, etc.)?: Some Tell us about yourself (optional): Not much more to me other than what i posted in " introducing myself" Do you agree with the rules : Yes / No Yes.
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