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  1. You probably remember this video from the days of the early internet.
  2. My idea of new years fun is to have explosive headshots. :P failing that, i want cortex, glider and/or nfl_b2.
  3. it better have realistic maiming, disembowelment, lots of blood and especially the guts, that characteristic splat sound is critical too. if not, i'm not interested.
  5. have a high-velocity vacation velocity!
  6. My second opinion on this is that it's going to create another Windows Vista-type situation, because it needs TPM 2.0 and mandates Secure Boot, which not every computer has a UEFI BIOS or the capability of Secure Boot, that means hardware older than 3 years will not work on Windows 11, which i call BS on that. as for Windows 11 Home, stay away from it since it requires an internet connection to set up since you must have a Microsoft account and that is complete bullshit, if i want to set up my next PC offline or online that's my own god damn business.
  7. Yeah, i thought Windows 10 would eventually be named just "Windows" and just keep getting updates, but NOPE! i guess Microsoft is giving up on Windows 10, and probably throwing back into the 3 year release cycle or Releasing new major updates once a year like apple does. - Windows 12, coming in 2022! :P
  8. Windoze 11???? Wahat?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. if anyone is still a Windows 7 holdout like me, you are probably thinking of finding some sort of hack for the ESU Updates if security is a concern. well, you can find the hack here which will patch-out the check that microsoft uses to verify whether or not you bought ESU Licensing. my counterargument quote to Microsoft is: "Take your piece of shit Windows 10 OS, and BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!" Take note though that you might need to update this bypass every once in awhile, so that it continues to work when microsoft makes a change.
  10. Personally, i think this topic should be renamed to "How to Delete Windows 10 from your PC"
  11. @kate this is the pilot episode in french: and here’s the original english one for everyone else (myself included):
  12. Not really, other than my arm where i got the shot being painful and feeling tired for a day, (it's almost exactly like the flu shot). the covid shot i got was the moderna vaccine, i go back on May 1st for my final shot.
  13. Thanks! I had my first covid vaccine today as well, and had a family get-together. it was everything i wanted! :D
  14. Another day in the Covidzoic Period.
  15. Version 1.0


    Fixes the masterlist hack and redirect. Install into the root of your ET Installation, replacing ET.exe Original Source: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1755-et-masterlist-hacking-and-redirect-fix-for-players/
  16. my buff orpington rooster looks like this: (stock image)
  17. i didn't have any roosters at the time, i do have one today, he's a buff orpington rooster and is fairly quiet and friendly. he's the only rooster of the second group of chickens, which the two groups are now one. My flock currently stands at: 15 hens (6 barred rocks, 6 black australorps, 2 buff orpingtons, 1 white leghorn) 1 rooster (Buff Orpington) to know what they look like, here's some stock images of each breed (of hens) respectively: Barred Rock: Black Australorp: Buff Orpington: White Leghorn:
  18. 14 August 2020 One of my Chickens (this one's name is Big Mama), is eating a frog - tasty!
  19. oh apple is a bastard in many many ways, and a lot like microsoft. although apple goes one step further, restricting your ability to install older iOS versions. i wish i could run iOS 7.1.2 on my iPhone 5s again, but as long as they don't sign it it's a pipe dream.
  20. Version 0.1.0


    duct-taped this tiny menu mod together for an instant shortcut for those unable to reach the main server while the masterlists are down. Just install into your etmain folder and thats it. start your game, click DIRECT PLAY, and start gaming. - uts zo eaczy ebban uh komplet iddiort kam due iet!
  21. Well napes, i returned that car back to the dealer, said "FUCK YOU" and started driving my old car again. in other words, i went back to Windows 7, it's just not worth the aggravation. i'll try it again another time. i didn't do much to Windows 10, i did not wrangle with the registry or those other fixer-uppers. i just turn some shit off and set the prefs to my standard liking, and it's not working right. Explorer SHOULD NOT FREEZE when trying to set my file associations. and when i tried the Windows 10 Preview build, (i did not modify it at all) when i clicked on OS Build info, it did not respond at all. and that prompted me to just go back to Windows 7, and i've been happier ever since. Fuck Apple too, they can take iTunes 12.11 and shove it up their ass, i'll stick with the old version for now. but when that's no-longer feasible, libimobiledevice.
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