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  1. From the boot to the saucepan. Wolfenstein RPG
  2. Nor should we forget the Downgrade, something that several consumers have denounced.
  3. I'm not saying we should kill all stupid people... I'm just saying that we should remove all product safety labels and let natural selection do its work. He supported Bier's initiative with great violence.
  4. Bier Topcat is the god of cats, he is nocturnal. I think he is nocturnal. Bier when it is very night he becomes a Zombier he just wants one more beer.
  5. Everything is complicated we are all from various parts of the world I think it's fun.
  6. I trust you my friend. Before I forget, I have a kind of server finder in my game.
  7. Well, at least you tried. Apple seriously is like hating Ferrari but you end up buying a Maserati considering it's the same. In the same way that Apple resembles Microsorf in several respects. Now that I remember, Apple is more of a bastard in other ways. Well, we must remember that they are companies in the end what matters are profits.
  8. You have too much free time my friend. But I'm not going to use it.
  9. And once again the coffee goddess proves her superiority. How long did it take you to do that? Shit, I'm lazy to read all that, but I will. I can't believe I read all that. It should have been more accurate to ask about the meaning of emoticon expressions, it would be a better idea.
  10. Ok, I also need an emoticon translator I love parodies only if done right, this game has a great idea but a terrible execution. So far, the best parody is Parodius if we talk about video games of course.
  11. Beth Microshaft Winblows 98 is a parody game that pokes fun at Windows, Bill Gates, and Microsoft in general.
  12. I suggest you install Microshaft Winblows 98.
  13. Aesthetically it looks horrendous. And still all in capital letters. There is only one clear paragraph. But I remember that I responded in Spanish. Two translations were required for translation and review. I love those moments. I wonder if the boys will ever come back.
  14. This is the revenge of The Differences Between Women and Men? Because if so, it's funny. It has been a long time since I laughed as well as I do now. Thanks for the jokes beth.
  15. Don't forget that Topcat is the god of cats.
  16. YES Pappy you passed class of human biology.
  17. Hello Teuthis. This thread already has its time, I try to answer according to the little experience I have in life, some with humor and others with seriousness. Before forgetting I didn't have to answer, that's why it's like spam but I ended up here and decided to answer as if they were questions. Several I did not understand but I had to look for information on the internet.
  18. Bienvenida es bueno ver caras nuevas. Sinceramente WarPath.
  19. Sometimes past mistakes can be corrected, but not all. The smartest people and machines are often wrong. Optimus prime
  20. There are several hygiene problems in that. It's more about individual behavior. I don't have enough information to talk about it. False I don't have enough information to answer that. Women have more opportunities thanks to their bodies. Generally, not all men are attractive to all women. It also influences the personality and taste of sexual desire. For some men it is easier to pay for sex. It has no logic. It is also about personality. Remember human evolution. Behind a great man there is a great woman who supports him and works with him. False each person is different. There are women who are also lustful and men who fall in love but are not reciprocated. That is called a penis. I do not understand that if you want to attract attention try to do something that motivates it. Is it a sexual reference? The stupidity of men is bigger sometimes. There are times when some act more out of lust. Feminism is no longer what it was before now they are dedicated to destroying and painting. It makes men and women think it's stupid. While women who march in peace are judged in the same way for the errors of others of the supposed feminists. Feminism began with a noble gesture of equality of women marching together with friends, children, husbands and parents. Now it is pure hembrism. Unfortunately that is true. Although men should open doors as a form of chivalry and good manners to a lady and not her to us. Do what you want but be careful with the consequences. I suggest a non-lethal weapon for your own protection such as pepper spray, they are generally cheap and easy to use and are completely legal for civilian use, although there are other options to check out as well. Precisely for many it is better to pay for sex, love does not come for them. Those sexual references kill me. Finding a lady in these times is difficult, don't be stupid and love her because they don't always last. The same today is difficult to find a gentleman love him or you will lose him. The male gender is the one with the most problems of this type. That's true. Love can save you but it can also kill you. The second also happens to women. That is bad for everyone. I really only know the phrase everything looks better with a beer. A man just hopes he is not able to say I love you. But a woman is perfect just as she is. Better to leave a bad man than wasting time It is better to leave a bad woman than to waste your time. I want to see that. Stop playing Need For Speed. Never stop listening to your partner. That is bad, a relationship must be composed of love and affection, both are important. That hurts. Error, this hurts even more. Shit, just reading that makes me want to not get married. I have a solution, help her with the housework in the same way that she helps you in your day to day. I found something better. W.I.F.E = wonderful, independent, funny, enchanting.
  21. Asking is never wrong, they always respond in a friendly way, they are always there to help.
  22. Half happy birthday friend.

  23. a winchester m12 for akimbo and composition B to eliminate artillery. I think I want to play medal of honor airborne.
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