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  1. kyrbj

    HI KATE :PROFSoldier01:.

    Just a question, I received a private message from a clan member in June 2020. 
    I responded to that on Tuesday and sent a message back to the sender. 
    Can that or should I select the person and then send a message.
    How can I tell if the person has read the message.

    Kind Regards kyrbj



    1. kate


      here look at the pic  (the name you send the pm ) mine pic is just an example


    2. kyrbj


      HI KATE :classic_biggrin:.


      So if I understand correctly and I use the reply button below the message, it will go to whoever sent me a private message. As you know I am not very good with PC so hence these questions.
      I would like to thank you as a true friend for all the effort you put into me and the servers.
      And I wish my English was better but every now and then I have to find the words, and I can't do that during the game, hence the often confusion that others don't understand me, sorry for that.


      Kind Regards kyrbj :_spam:.

    3. kyrbj


      HI KATE .


      On the spot where CYBER4WOLF says, 
      it says that the person left the private messages on January 17, 2021.
      Does this now mean that the person will not see my private message of 09-02-2021.
      Thank you for your cooperation in this.


      Kind Regards kyrbj .

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