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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Mapname : Grotli // BSPname : grotli_b8 Released: 06.09.2023 Version : Beta 8 Map made by: o-0._.0-o Story: The Allies must blast their way through the Grotli tunnel and bring the gold back home. objectives: Allied: Primary Objectives: 1] Destroy the main gate. 2] Destroy the tank gate and steal the tank. 3] Escort the tank to the Axis base. 4] Destroy the tank barriers. 5] Destroy the vault door. 6] Grab the gold and bring it to the Allied base. Secondary Objectives: 7] Once inside the Grotli tunnel, capture the forward spawn point. 8] Destroy the side entrance. Axis: Primary Objectives: 1] Protect the main gate. 2] Protect the tank gate and don't let them steal the tank. 3] Don't let the tank go to the Axis base. 4] Don't let the Allies destroy the tank barriers. 5] Don't let the Allies destroy the vault door. 6] Protect the gold. Secondary Objectives: 7] Don't let them use the forward spawn point inside the Grotli tunnel. 8] Protect the side entrance. Updates in Beta 8: - When the tank is at the end of the route, it will blow up the Axis door. - Removed Allied Base spawns when the tank is outside and will be accessible for Axis. - Removed unnecessary doors. - Deleted over a hundred entities. - Fixed trap lever. - Bigger spawnpoints. - Allies can use the side entrance when the tank is inside the Axis Base. - Added background mountains. - Removed rain sound. - Added details and retexture some stuff.
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Praetoria-Mission Two: Hell on Wheels by Diego (aka Subsurface Scattering) Contact: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: ------------- Remove any previous versions from your etmain directory. Extract the PK3 file from the .ZIP file using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your Etmain folder. This file may co-exist with Mission One without any conflicts. Version Info: ------------- 1.1 Script fix added to abort starting sounds during warmup faze. Fixed typo in the Arena file. Added missing texture: camocraft_additions.tga Added custom allied image icons for the side entrance and side wall to prevent the missing texture bug on the command map. Fixed black shadow on rock wall. Removed text from Axis crates. Fixed hole by the camo nets. ------------- 1.0 First Public Release Known Bugs: On very rare occasions, the tank may not register as being damaged and will therefore not be repairable. This usually happens when the tank is being unlocked after the upgrade is complete. To reduce the possibility of this happening, I've rigged the Locking lever to only unlock the tank if it has already been repaired. Hopefully, axis can refrain from damaging the tank in the middle of the unlock cycle and avoid this bug completely. ------------- 0.99 BETA Private Beta Test version. Made the door to the Gun Controls a slider so that allies can't block axis players from entering. the bunker. Adjusted spawn times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION DETAILS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission Time: 30 Minutes Spawn Times: Axis 20 Seconds, 18 with CP Allies 15 Seconds, 17 with CP ----------------- Overview: ----------------- Mission Two: "**The Allied Armor Forces are running low on fuel. They must use the tank to breach the Praetoria Depot Defenses, replenish their supplies, and escape to the tunnel that leads to the airfield" Map Objectives: ----------------- Axis: ----------------- 1 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from breaching the Depot Defenses." 2 "Primary Objective:**Don't let the Allies reinforce the Tank at the Repair Depot." 3 "Primary Objective:**Protect the Fuel." 4 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from escaping to the Tunnel that leads to the Airfield." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the Side Entrance." 6 "Secondary Objective:**Protect the Side Wall." 7 "Secondary Objective:**Protect the Gun Controls" 8 "Secondary Objective:**Build a Command Post" ----------------- Allies: ----------------- 1 "Primary Objective:**Use the Tank to breach the Depot Gates." 2 "Primary Objective:**Reinforce the Tank at the Tank Repair Depot." 3 "Primary Objective:**Steal the Fuel for the Tank.." 4 "Primary Objective:**Escape to the Tunnel that leads to the Airfield." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Side Entrance." 6 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Side Wall." 7 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Gun Controls" 8 "Secondary Objective:**Build a Command Post" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS Map Construction: Diego Command map : Diego Scripting: Diego (except where noted) Contributors: Chrucker Prefab setup of the churchill tank. http://games.chruker.dk/enemy_territory/ Marko Ammo & Health cabinet prefab. Sock dotproduct shaders, terrain textures modified from his terrain example. http://simland.planetquake.gamespy.com/ UJE C Original fuel can command map texture Flippy ETscript 4. It rocks. C ET Mod Tool used for converting stock models to reduce my gamestate issues. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOM MODELS Upgrade Console: Diego Gun Controls: Diego Power Generator: Diego Tank Upgrades: Diego Waterfall: Diego Fuel Can Model by Diego, Texture by splash damage ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Venice Speedboat: Chavo-One (http://www.chavo-one.com/) (converted model) Gothic lamps: Maverick (converted model) Eagle Banner: QKennyQ ([email protected]) (converted model) Oblitz Trucks: Detoeni http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/detoeni WP-222: Detoeni Textures and Sound: ------------- This map uses custom textures and sounds from outside sources. In many instances, but not all, these textures have been modified by either color manipulation, layer compositing with other textures, or by assembling a completely new texture with parts of existing ones. All VO commands are re-edited variations of the stock ET sounds. Upgrader and Gun Control sound fx from JKA with some partial modifications. Tank Upgrade Music: "Not Fragile" by Bachman Turner Overdrive Intro Music: RTCW PERMISSIONS ----------------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2009 Don Taylor ----------------------------------------- You may NOT modify, redo, reproduce this map in any way without permission from the author. You may NOT include or distribute this map in whole or in part in any sort of commercial product. You may NOT mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks. You may use the edited VO sounds found in this file. Use may use the custom textures provided you create your own shaders to prevent any conflicts with my own. You may use the custom models that I created as long as credit is given in your readme. If you wish to alter the shaders, either use a remap shader, or C's q3model tool to make your own copy of the model. I will also probably release a stand alone model pack in the future. You may distribute this PK3 through any electronic network, provided you include this file and leave the archive intact. --------------------- Note from the Author: --------------------- Praetoria was the name of an ancient Roman Garrison in northern Italy several centuries ago. It sounded cool so I decided to use the name for my fictional location. This map was begun in 2004 originally as a Deathmatch map for MOHAA. By the time I decided to make it an objective map (Sometime in 2005) I had become somewhat disenchanted with the compiling limitations found in MOHAA's compiler. I decided at that point to migrate all of the work that I had done over to Enemy Territory. The Praetoria campaign was originally conceived as one complete map that would contain just about every type of objective that could be dreamed up. After months of struggling with engine and compiling limitations, I finally decided to break the map into a multi-part campaign. The first map, Bunker Hill, was released in 2007. This map is part 2 of that campaign.
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