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  1. I have to confess: I don't own any of their material. I also never 'made copies of any sessions' to take home during my years. That's a HUGE no-no in the business. That's the truth man. When you work on an LP/CD, you hear those songs SO MANY TIMES before they hit the shelves that you don't need the CD! Some of you out there may have private home sessions and record a lot. Cheers to you too! I don't care WHAT it is man but, before your tracks are mixed down and ready for CD or, just a finished track to have on your rack (aka In The Can) you have heard THAT material A WHOLE LOT! The golden moments for me that the public will never know OR hear came at the end of a typical 14 hour recording day in the form of SPONTANEOUS JAM SESSIONS! The producer: When he leaves for the day, it's like daddy has left and the house and all of us boys want to be 'naughty' and HAVE SOME FUN ha ha. At that point it's just me, the main engineer and the band members. That's it! That's quality 'let's get fucking nuts' time!! #1 RULE: WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - STAYS IN VEGAS!!! No matter who they are, everyone at some point will let it all hang out at the end of a long recording day. FUCK!!! THOSE JAMS ARE A TREASURED, powerful memory! I wish they would do that live or release material like that because man, that's when you see what they are really made of! Wow! They would just --JAM!!! One jam alone clocked in at 46 minutes! HELL YEAH! Me and the main engineer would just throw in a DAT tape, sit back at the console and record it all. This was strictly a secret between me and the main engineer -period! We captured all of those moments BUT never told the band or the producer. That is, until the sessions were over. Then, he and I would present the band with the DAT 'JAMS' tapes (one for each member) as a gift. It had it all man! THEY LOVED THAT! They never knew we recorded that stuff. It's a great feeling seeing them so happy too! In the end, when it's all wrapped up on my end, your just happy to have a finished project that you can hopefully be proud of. Almost as soon as it's over, you're onto yet another project. There's no time to think and reflect because you were always moving onto a brand new thing. Kind of makes me home sick in way. The producer and main engineer get all of the credit in the end and, that's just fine with me. That's how things roll but, as the producer once told me with his arm around me, "Every brick in the house MATTERS and some, more than others." It was a compliment. These things don't make themselves and I was proud to have been there! Looking back the one thing I could not fucking stand was having to be in Los Angles, CA for long periods of time. Visiting and having fun: yes. Living there: Piss off!!! New York, Nashville, Mississippi, Chicago and Colorado were my most loved places to be. Europe runs on 220 (?) voltage and we run on 110 here in the USA. I would LOVE to visit studios in Europe on day. Those old, old post WW2 tube microphones that are everywhere in Europe and their 220 current power make for some really wonderful, dynamic sounding recordings. The stereo separations and dynamics are fantastic!! BIG SOUND!
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