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  1. I mean for your 'etmain' folder on your computer, Kate, also the server 'etmain' folder too. I can't remember Bob's particular map, but instead of the map being named something such as, map.pk3, it was named, z_map.pk3, which placed it, alphabetcally, after all the other maps in your 'etmain' folder. Awesome, Teuthis, it sounds amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
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  2. the problem is when folks use textures in their maps and then give them the same directory as the original textures. If you then publish a map that refers to original textures (means you don‘t include them in your pk3 because they are already in the pak1-3 files in etmain) then the new map can‘t distinguish between the different identical maps and gets screwed up. Any pk3 is like an addition to the pak1-3 files. So any new map reads all pak and pk3 files to find the texture needed.
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