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  1. Helpful windows 10 information, To get a DOS PROMPT in windows 10 => press the "windows" key + the "R" key, Then in the box type "cmd" => Then press enter. You are NOW at the DOS PROMPT I use this to send the directory listings to a text file INSTEAD of displaying the list on the computer screen. PROMPTVIEW: C:\users\cyber TYPETHIS: dir D:\mapz > D:\listmapz.txt This creates a text file named listmapz.txt and sends the list of files in the mapz directory to the text file named listmapz.txt which is located at D:\
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  3. Also handy: When I need Administrator rights on my DOS prompt I do: Press: windows key -> type: cmd -> press: ctrl-shift-enter Presto! Instant admin prompt.
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  4. Personally, i think this topic should be renamed to "How to Delete Windows 10 from your PC"
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