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  1. In reply to your comments, Rico. I fully agree with this, nobody is happy about this. As long as you wear a mask when you interact or are in proximity of people it's fine. This is just not true, there is a group of people who is at risk. Yet healthy people have been struck down and some are still recuperating after months. Every action has an associated risk that does lead to death. We consider many things as acceptable risks. Yet in society, both yours and mine, we consider putting other people at risk of death due to your own risky behavior, criminal. Eg. drunk driving. >> First you say most, so you handout the death sentence to anyone not belonging to this majority group, because this better suits you. Secondly it's just not true, when both parties wear a mask the transmission possibility is significantly reduced. Meaning less sick people. A portion of these sick people go to the hospital, where they put a strain on the facility. Worst case scenario you force doctors to choose who gets to live. Doctors are ethically bound to treat patients, best they can regardless of their personal conviction. >> Not sure what your point is here. Using anecdotal evidence to back up your claim is kind of weak. Comparing it to the flu doesn't really hold up. Corona simply has a higher impact, otherwise it wouldn't be news that cooling trucks are besides hospitals because the morgues are overfull. The whole idea of this vaccine is to eliminate this virus from society, because of the damage it does. It's true that it won't prevent any future outbreaks of new viruses. With ever-increasing individual mobility this will keep on happening. That's unfortunately how it is. I'm with you if you promote critical thinking, that's fine. If you however say that your gut feeling is just as good as the conclusion of a researcher, you're dead wrong. The researcher who spent countless years on a single subject and is familiar with similar systems and puts the time in to analyze it and publishes it after his/her peers checked the work is just better equiped than you. Science is not a holy truth, science is a way of investigation. The full picture will never be available, the best we can do is present the best picture that is currently available to us. This means that sometimes things change, because new facts come to light. After people have put their time in, discussed it with their colleagues it gets sent off to a journal. The reviewers for these journals are scientists that are in the same field as the author(s), check the work and see if they can draw the same conclusions based on the presented work. If you want to question something, you can look for peer reviewed science and see what experts say. The exact probleme with this mentality is that you don't decide for yourself, but for others too. At the very least this is selfish, as long as you can do what you want it's all fine. This is simply not true, lockdowns have worked and are working. The only issue how far is a government willing to go. If you go full on autocratic and just lock people in like China did, you can bring numbers down quite quickly. The second problem is enforcement, what to do with unwilling people. Do you patrol everywhere, do you fine people, do you lock them up? I'll grant you that the US has handled this exceptionally poorly, but with the vaccine roll out is making a great comeback. In our country too, they made shit up too. Policy has been all over the place in favor of letting people retain as much freedom as possible. Besides the choice of words, I stand with Luis. You literally call others "a special kinda stupid" for a certain conviction. Luis just called what you wrote stupid. He said he didn't agree with you, sure in a strong way, but then again your comments have had the same strong undertone to them.
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  2. Guys, i'm concerned that not all think that this pandemic is real, and that every decicion we make leads to a positive or negative scenario. Today my father called me, very worried and scared, because in Chile we are having a second wave, worst thant the first one. And when i hear him, i recall all the deaths and the sick people we have, come on guys, millions of people are dead because of this. When i read what Rico said about that not all deaths are because of this, sure, maybe not the direct cause, but covid-19 make you body weak, to the point that you can die very easily. Rico, and all of you guys, just check on google and you will find charts, data, maps, of the situation in your country. For example, i found this data and maps of the USA, that is very good to understand how is everything today: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/transmission/variant-cases.html And if you want to see the case of Chile, you have this: https://coronavirus.mat.uc.cl/ Rico, sometimes happened that the people dont take the covid test, so if there is no covid test, of course you wont have data to analyse, and of course you will see less cases. The more covid test people do, more reliable the data will be
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  3. Today we been contacted to can have our parents vaccined but with the AstraZeneca...
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