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Greetings from Centrifuge

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Greetings to you.

My in-game name is dP: Centrifuge! 
"dP:!" stands for "Dynamite Planted" which, is one of my old clans.

In my past, I had Admin status in and have worn tags for:  
AE_ (American Elite Sniper Clan) 
dP:! (Dynamite Planted)
TMF (Twisted Minds Foundation) 


I used to play on a daily basis for years and years. I am starting to get back into it again... slowly.

I have a lot of small 'quirks' to smooth out; settings, new things to go out and buy etc. so, until I get that taken care of, here's a little bit of my ET history.





Obviously (for anyone who spec's me) my class of choice is: Covert Ops.

I come from a long line of Wolf ET players who were exclusively snipers. That's all we cared about. We were NOT your typical, traditional snipers. 
Our old dP:! server 'PUBLIC SNIPE' ran only 1 map: ae_sniper_challenge! That map ran 24/7! The map was created by a guy I know named AE_Northerner.

The volume of players grew so large at one point that we simply could not accommodate them all. We were NOT getting rid of the map so, very cleverly, one of our members (a brilliant map maker and friend named YOGI) reconstructed AE_Northerner's 'ae_sniper_challenge' and expanded upon it. It's now called "Shadow_Sniper_Remix" which came complete with three private 1 -vs- 1 sniper chambers that are accessed via a portal door near each spawn. 


Quake 3 Arena and the Railgun. Anyone who played that game knows that THAT'S the true origins of what would become the Wolf ET sniper. The Railgun in QUAKE 3 Arena and the sniper rifle in Wolf ET are essentially the exact same thing. The settings and styles that we had developed from Quake's Railgun carried over into Wolf ET sniper activity and took on added detentions.  
Our old PUBLIC SNIPE server was where the evolution of 'ET  Speed Snipe' all got started. Speed Snipe (with the binocs >scope> fire method) was what you had to compete against daily. We did not crawl around on the ground and 'roost' in one spot. We were constantly moving around, crossing over while scanning for enemy targets. 

We even mastered mid air sniper trick shots. That's when you run and/or, stand behind a short wall etc. then, you jump up in the air with your binocs open. While in mid air, you switch VERY QUICKLY from Binocs to  Scope > Fire for the kill. That trick takes a lot of practice (double jump helps a lot too) and, you know you are onto something good when you eventually start getting BANNED for it. 
That's right! Some people watching you from SPEC just can not process the "trick shot" method when they see you do it so, they instantly think you're hacking and ban you. That used to happen a lot.  

World 'Speed Snipe' and, Team Comps.
Teams/Clans That Were Active In Daily Practice/Yearly Sniper Comps: 

1 -vs- 1 Individual Comps (rotations of various 1 -vs- 1 clan comps)
Team Scrim Snipe:  Full Team Comp's Rotations Against Other Clans
My clan "dP:!" was #1 and #2 in the world in speed snipe comp. for years. Our final match put REAL_MADRID @ #1 worldwide and dP:! clan fell from #1 to #2.

So, my old clan finished at #2 worldwide for sniper comp.
Not a bad way to go.

That's enough about my boring ET history for now.

You are good people and you have a nice community here.

Thanks for having me.




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Wow! How's that for an introduction! A+! Great story from the golden years...
Good to see our server is luring you into returning to the game! :-)

Already played quite a few maps with you, and you seem to blend in well, so if you are fishing for something, like say an ETS tag, I invite you to apply.
Kate will love it! ;-)

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I've tested the sniper server out and I like the action so far. This may seem a bit forward since I'm new but here's a few very small things that will add enjoyment to that server...
VOTE should be activated for map changes. 
Re-spawn time could be dropped to 4 for a faster return to the action. 
Beef up the ammo round per player to 200 rounds or so. 
Maps with a respectfully closer target proximity are the best. 
Sniper maps that have too much distance and separation between targets creates a "floater" scope lag that's darn near impossible to be fast and consistently accurate with. Let me be more clear. If you're on a common objective map like Gold Rush and you activate your scope, point at a target and just watch it. You will see the center slowly float left, right, left, etc. When you combine that default game feature with big UJE sniper maps and targets that are wayyyy off in the distance, you begin to encounter something like a digital mirage that's just impossible to deal with for too long. 
Smaller sniper maps make for better game play action.
I tried to upload sniper map pk3 files for you (regular file version then, zipfile - all under 48 MB) but none would upload.            Anyway, here are map names that have great action and are not too big. See what you think >>>


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i have almost snipers maps will add  your request but have to look for the twc botfiles if i have them

 if u need we upload maps you want  :give me the links and i will do the job

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1 minute ago, AE_Centrifuge said:

Posted @ the TWC homepage for the sniper map botfiles and did not drag ETS's clan name into it. Perhaps we can form bonds with them later but, for now, I just need the files so, it's just a matter waiting for a reply.

thanks as soon i will have the botfiles i will add other snipers maps 

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