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Throwing in the towel...

PsychoPappy 4

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  • Ets Probies and Friends

Great follow up pappy! Couldn't be any better!

Sorry to hear that you couldn't get it to work. I know this is too late, but I figured you'd get it working as intended.

For the future I recommend checking this out:


Just for the privacy bit anyway, I know you want more than the tool could ever offer.

EDIT: I'm surprised to read that you didn't modify registry, missed that line yesterday. If you left the services also untouched I'm unsure why it goes wonky, though you installed some kind of custom win 7 desktop mode software. Who knows what it does to explorer in the background ? Anyway strange don't think I had any significant issues. It just takes some getting used to.

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  • Staff

Well, at least you tried.
Apple seriously is like hating Ferrari but you end up buying a Maserati considering it's the same.
In the same way that Apple resembles Microsorf in several respects.
Now that I remember, Apple is more of a bastard in other ways.
Well, we must remember that they are companies in the end what matters are profits.

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