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Hey guys I'm rainbow dash but I abbreviated it to rainbow. for my enemies to memorize my name more easily:classic_biggrin:.

I am a Portuguese girl who likes to go out with friends and have a drink but with this pandemic situation, I started playing ET more often. I'm a rating player but I also know how to play for fun so if I start to get too aggressive in the game tell me!

Lately I've been playing more on ETS server and for now I'm enjoying the rotation of the maps and the players themselves. I hope we will be friends for a long time :)


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Welcome to the ETS house, lol never mind you are a girl also

always nice to play with You 

for few of us your old clan remember old ET days, I heard in the past the end story for RC . Always sad to heard than clans have to close.

Here we try to run rotations with maps guys like. Almost of Us are not ET PROS players , we just play for fun, and are a friendly clan

from the old days few who been in WF our previous clan, are still around.

hopefully somes ET mappers are still around and we have a member and also ET friends doing botfiles when it is needed, thanks a lot to these nice persons.

See you on the server and site :balloons:


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