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invitation from : Kate

In-game name: gobbler

Previous gaming aliases: daednu

Previous clans, if any: Terminal Insanity (-=TI=-daednu), Team Enigma (gobbler.?)

and reason why you left : Everyone moved to WoW so clan died.  I didn't move to WoW and stopped playing ET back in 2005 or so.

Age: 50

What country are you from?: USA

What languages do you speak?: English

Do you use a translator to post in English? No

How did you find our community?: Installed ET Legacy, found the server in the browser and then went to the site.

Do you have any admin experience?: Not in ET.

Will you be able to help in recruiting new members?: Sure!

Do you have any special expertise (coding, modding, Photoshop, etc.)?: I use Photopea, but I'm not good.

Tell us about yourself (optional): I'm in IT at a computer company, and I work mostly with linux and GPUs for compute.  I'm also a whisky enthusiast and maintain a website about a Scottish Whisky Distillery.

Do you agree  with the rules : Yes

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51 minutes ago, gobbler said:

Thanks a bunch!  I added the tags and played a bit Saturday night and Sunday night.  :)

Do y'all have a preference for capitalizing ETS or Ets or ets?  Or, does it matter.

ETS or Ets either is fine :)

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