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Connecting to ETS from browser (!ALSO FOR VANILLA!)


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After some sweat and frustration I managed to make browser connectivity work for vanilla ET. :classic_laugh:

So for both versions you can now do:

This is a work around for vanilla ET. This can also be run for ET Legacy, but I don't see the point. ET Legacy can already

Instructions to make it happen:

1. Download attached file

2. Put the 2 .bat files into the same folder as the game et.exe (eg. C:/Program Files x86/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/).

3. Right click on RegkeyWriter.bat and Run as administrator

3.5 RegkeyWriter.bat can be removed if you prefer.

4. Connect through browser and start playing

Explanation what happens:

RegkeyWriter.bat  is batch file that writes 4 keys into your registry. All 4 keys are part of a single key. This allows your browser to refer to the 2nd bat file. Once the 2nd bat is called it takes the et://[IP ADRESS:PORT] and splits off the et:// part. The ip address and port are then checked to make sure they only contain numbers, . and : aside. RegkeyWriter.bat can be removed after it wrote the key. The continuous presence of the 2nd bat file is essential for continuous functionality. Removing it won't break the game, just the browser connectivity part.



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  • Ets Probies and Friends


Relevant in these times.

If you want easy hard coded direct link to server, cyber posted a short description in the chat earlier:

"WOW - right click desktop select create a short cut, paste this - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +set fs_game silent +connect" -Cyber4Wolf

For a built in menu into the client use pappy's solution:

"Instant shortcut for the main server now available https://ets-clan.com/index.ph...2-ets-direct-play-one-click/" -Psychopappy 4

If you have trouble setting up Cyber's suggestion look in this topic:


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