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“Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed pure server

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“Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed pure server” error occurs when you try to join an ET server. The reason of “Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed pure server” error is, that one or more of your pk3 files in your ET folder are corrupt, in other words are modified. This modification can also be caused by installing hacks. :)

a, Set Enemy Territory to ‘Run as administrator’.
In your ET installation folder right click on ET.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> check “Run this program as an administator” and run the game.

b, It might be a setting causing the “Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed pure server” error, on Vista or Win7 systems: try disabling User Account Control (UAC).

For this, do the following:
Open Control Panel and type “UAC” in the search box -> click on “Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off” -> Uncheck the checkbox for “Use User Account Control (UAC)” -> click OK -> Restart your computer.

c, Another solution is to completely reinstall Enemy Territory. (Don’t forget to backup your etkey before deleting it!)

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This tutorial is for them who have ui_mp_x86.dll issue every time execute ET.exe, also it helps for who run Et under Windows 7 or 8 and have some crashes.

 many players got this problem with their ET's, so im just copying this easy toturial which ive posted also on my clan forums, in hope that it would help people.

Hello, if you have ever expirienced this problem 99% is that you are running vista or windows 7 on your PC, the only and the easyest way to fix this error is simply to run your Enemy Territory as admininistrator, and you can do that by doing this:

Right click on Enemy Terrritory icon>Run As Administrator, and thats it! You shoudnt be expiriencing that error anymore.




First then nothing we must locate our executable.

Right click over your ET icon. -> Properties




Click on Properties -> Open File Location




Next step is right click over Et.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility

Then you must select Compatibilty, later mark Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP service pack X and Run this program as administrator.




After all of this steps your problem is ended. You can run again Et.exe with no problems.

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I used to have this problem on other notebook, but with the one that i have now, this message don´t appear at least. Thanks for the info

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