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CEDAR POINT!!! (Cancelled till spring)

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Hi guys, on wednesday i'm finally taking a vacation to Sandusky, Ohio.

My goal there is to visit Cedar Point and ride every single rollercoaster (that is operating) in this amusement park.

I will get to ride some seriously insane (and demonic) rollercoasters, like Millennium Force, among other spectacular-looking coasters. i can't wait to puke my guts out, its gonna be awesome!

Plan breakdown:

Wednesday Evening: Drive the 7 hour long journey to Sandusky and rest overnight.

Thursday Evening: Cedar Point Day 1

Friday: Cedar Point Day 2

Saturday, anything else i want to do while out west before coming back home by midnight.

I wanted to do this for at least 8 years, so yeah... :P i may or may not be on the server during this time, but man... i'll try to send pics! - but i hope the forecast stays the way it is now.

UPDATE: Cancelled, the reason is because my entire household got COVID-19.

so this trip is postponed until spring next year. i'm so pissed...

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9 hours ago, Vixda said:

I have never been in an amusement park which has roller coasters . 

May as well pick up vixda on your way there now pappy.  Lol.

2 people puking makes it more interesting 😂 

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Here's an update, mom suggested delaying the trip to next week as finances are a bit constrained this week. so i haven't gone yet, but i really gotta stress to her that it's the final weekend next week.

if i don't go by the end of next week, the trip's sunk.

Hotel costs ~$250-300 (for 3 days), Fast Lane Plus is ~$280 (if the park is busy af)

not to mention ~$150 in fuel, it's challenging.

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