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rules for new applies


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Servers rules

Servers and site are not free , so if you prefere to play on other servers instead Ets our clan is not for you.. sorry

!!! Recruitment is open but only -> Over 16+ only, if you're under do not post !!!
1. You have to play on our server for at least 4 weeks and your rating time here (from ettrackbase) must be greater than 40 hours.
2. You should speak english in main chat (but you can speak other languages using private message).
3. Multiclanning is NOT ALLOWED and will end in a hardware ban.
4. Respect other players - don't insult them.
5. Don't ask for joining the clan on the servers! If you are special in any way, we will notice you.

6. You can join our discord channel
7.On the servers dont vsay abuse or you might geet a !mute :depp:
8. When you comply to these rules you have to wait for someone to invite you. After you have been invited go to this post and follow the steps:

During the trial period, we observe especially the behavior towards other players and members, as well as the activity in the clan.
We are a fun clan, which means fun is our number one priority.





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