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UJE_flat_sniper_fun 1.0.0

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you can start the map typing
/rcon map UJE_flat_sniper
Map made by [UJE]Niek


Well another map is  done. UJE_flat_sniper i named it , this map is made pure for fun.  
2 high and i mean super high buildings standing against eachother .
Again its a snipermap ,but there's a way to cross again for fun play , 
you can jump from a 100 stores building and try to land in the water 
or you can try to jump on de trampoline.
The way up or down can be done by a elevator who was made by [UJE]C he has made the elevator in i think an hour hahah.
Fine tuning took al littke bit longer , the elevator makes the map i think.
I've releashed the map as a beta because it's not completly ready . 
A few sounds must be added and the fog must be adjusted and some stuff more.
But i'm a little tyred of making this map , it took al lot of time longer that it was supose to be.
Well the map is good playable and fun.
There can be lot's of fun fights on the lowest level hihi. that was my intension .
After this beta version its gonne be final but first i got to see how the map is going to be played.

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