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UJE_mountain_attack_b2 1.0.0

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[UJE]Mountain attack


B2 version 7-2-2013

By [UJE]Niek

The war is in its Early days and Axis forces have occupied

a small French village, where they Building their new Radar System,

the Wurzburg Radar. Allies Forces have to sneak into the village

steal and escape with the Radar Parts. this will be a Leathal battle

where only the Strongest will Survive.

Allied objective

*Disable axis spawnflag so axis spawn way back

*Blow the Radar door

*Steal 2 radarparts and bring them to the truck

*Escort the truck to a safe place

*build commandpost for closer spawn


Axis objective

*Keep flag spawn

*Prevent the Allies from building a commandpost

*fix commandpost

*Defend the Radar buildings main door

*Defend the radar parts

*Stop the truck


for campaigncycles the map is called UJE_mountain_attack

[UJE]Clan site        www.ujeclan.com

More [UJE] maps:


You can see the info about our other maps on our website


too everyone who put in alot of time, to keep this game alive



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