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nitmod_2.3.2_20210131 1.0.0

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About This File

Version 2.3.2 is in the making (when I have time...)


You only need to replace the qagame .dll or.so and the pk3 files with the new ones to update your server.

If you are installing for the first time, or updating from a version prior to 2.3, don't forget to check the Setup tutorial and the NxAC Setup tutorial.


N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20210131)

Added: g_disableComplaints flag 8 (Disable complaints for tripmines teamkills)

Added: Some global awards

Added: g_artilleryHints (0 - Disable | 1 - Enable team artillery zone hints)

Added: cg_artilleryHints (0 - Disable | 1 - Display team artillery zone hints, if enabled on server)

Added: 'nopm' admin flag - Disable private messages for levels or users with this flag

Fixed: Global Backstabs stats were incremented when backstabing a teammate

Fixed: Bug with mortar cam frame staying on screen during whole map

Fixed: /team exploit allowing players to spawn with other classes weapons if g_pickAnyWeapon was enabled

Fixed: HUD XP was no longer flashing yellow after increasing since recent builds

Fixed: Players could walk with scoped weapons if global stats were displayed on screen

Fixed: cg_autoaction demo recording sometimes not working

Modified: HUD BS/HS stats now flash green for a short time when they increase

Modified: Renamed some global awards

Modified: Notifications popups (top right of the screen for awards, private messages...)

Modified: Global stats window size and opacity

Modified: Code optimizations

Modified: Loading screen progress bar

Removed: "globalstats" command is no longer bound to N key by default

N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20201231)

Fixed: Mod couldn't load on Linux/MacOS (MacOS Remains untested because I don't have a Mac at home...)

Fixed: Something was wrong with shuffle by K/D Ratio

N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20201228-1)

Fixed: Self-stab bug with g_hitboxes enabled (Thanks to eG clan for help with debugging).

Fixed: Announcer ("prepare to fight", etc) was sometimes corrupted

Modified: Announcer font (kill assistance, etc...)

Added: Objectives announces on screen (when planting, destroying, damaging, etc...)

Fixed: Typo when tripmine was set

Added: Intermission Awards 'emojis'

Added: LUA et_obituary can now replace the default obituaries with it's return value (Request #54)

Fixed: Typo when tripmine was set

Fixed: BUG #73 Satchel bug where satchel would only damage players but not objectives around

Fixed: Satchel bug where satchel wouldnt drop (related to BUG #73)

Fixed: BUG #70 Medics couldn't pick Sten at all when g_pickAnyWeapon was enabled (except if g_weapons 512 flag was set)

Modified: Avoid flooding client with server commands when arming/disarming dyna/mines

Added: Objective hints, makes it easier to find objectives to construct/destroy (experimental)

Added: cg_objectiveHints client cvar

Added: 'cg_drawHUDStats' cvar (0/1): toggle drawing N!tmod's HUD stats

Modified: Reworked some HUD text elements to make them easier to read on bright maps

Added: 'cg_woundedNames' cvar (0/1): Draw names above wounded players when playing as a medic. Wounded players will also see nearby medics names.

Added: 'cg_drawBanners' cvar (0/1): Allow disabling drawing of server banners (requested on Facebook and bug tracker).

Added: !seen output now displas UserID (NGUID last 8 chars)

N!tmod 2.3.1 (Changes since N!tmod 2.3 FINAL):

Modified: Improved NxAC logging and adminchat reports

Modified: Whole new NxAC Screenshot transfer code

Fixed: NxAC screenshot queries had no effect on Linux/OSX clients

Fixed: !showbans crash on linux servers when ban reason was too long

Fixed: !splata not gibbing players

Fixed: goomba not gibbing when it should

N!tmod 2.3 FINAL (Changes since N!tmod 2.3 BETA 2):Added: Serverlist can now display N!tmod servers' NxAC status

Added: Filter to show/hide NxAC protected servers in the serverlist

Added: Serverlist can now show bot counts (ex: 10(+3)/32 means 10 real players, 3 bots, 32 clients max)

Added: /cheaters command: Will display cheaters list (useful for servers where auto kick/ban is not enabled)

Added: sv_NxAC serverstatus cvar, so game trackers can know the server's cheat protection status

Added: n_NxAC cvar. 0: Warning only | 1 - Auto kick/ban | 2 - Auto screenshot + kick/ban

Modified: Improved !showbans output (fixed layout and added UserID)

Fixed: Some !commands output could be truncated, or simply not sent to clients.

Added: Date and time are now logged into NxAC screenshot info files

Added: Violation are now logged into NxAC screenshot info files in case of auto-screenshot

Fixed: Freeze problem after map change/vid_restart should now be fixed

Fixed: Potential NxAC crash

Fixed: Satchel stats problem (http://bugs.etmods.net/index.php?do=details&task_id=67)

Fixed: Merged some NxAC security and stability fixes from N!tmod 2.4's work in progress

Fixed: Wounded players disappearing when gibbed by MOD_GOOMBA

Fixed: n_standCrouchDelay cvar name typo

Fixed: !mute and !unmute were not always working as expected

Fixed: Erroneous "Player ended his own spree" when spectating another player and changing team


N!tmod 2.3 BETA 2 (Changes since N!tmod 2.3 BETA 1):

Fixed: When hitting a teammate on FF enabled servers and "Teamkill assistances" are not enabled, players were getting a "Kill assistance"

Fixed: Adrenaline wouldn't drain charge sometimes when used by a non-medic class and depending on the server's chargetime settings

Added: n_voteMaxTimelimit - Allow capping the maximum timelimit vote value

Fixed: Round timer now supports higher timelimit and can display hours and, in extreme cases, days remaining.

Added: n_classesMaxHP: Allow setting max HP for each class

Fixed: NxAC was reporting players with suspicious memory modules as "GAMEHACK" instead of "SUSPICIOUS MEMORY MODULE".

N!tmod 2.3 BETA 1 (Changes since N!tmod 2.2 Final):

Fixed: Major memory leak in the Admin System

Fixed: All the known crash/data loss issues in the SQLite/Admin System code

Fixed: Prone bbox height

Fixed: Some constructibles couldn't be built

Fixed: Console prints if a dynamite is disarmed by owner or teammate

Fixed: ETPro "delete" mapscript can now find entities by any key, not only by "origin"

Fixed: "cvar" script action was not working correctly

Fixed: wm_announce and wm_annonce_icon were not logged and could break compatibility with some LUA modules

Fixed: "Modern Ammo Bar" bug

Fixed: !shuffle was sometimes moving spectators into team

Fixed: Sten damage did not match ETMain value (was 18, is now 14)

Fixed: damage/splashdamage/splashradius values were hardcoded for some weapons, causing weapon scripts to have no effect

Fixed: Some objectives couldn't be picked up if g_realbody was enabled

Fixed: Slot number was sometimes invalid in !finger output

Fixed: "Highest fragger" award is now given to the player with the least deaths if more than one players have the most kills

Fixed: Some global stats were incremented when killing bots, or during warmup

Fixed: Engineer's bomb damage and splash radius were too high

Fixed: Max ammo was wrong for some weapons, which could result in players having 14 or 16 revive syringes, for example

Fixed: g_landminetimeout and g_tripminetimeout were not working correctly (some mines were not removed)

Fixed: Bots aim error after being revived

Fixed: Players could sometimes respawn in tanks if they were killed while mounting it

Fixed: "Dynamite planted" objective announces were sometimes awarded to the player who set the dynamite instead of the player who armed it

Fixed: Sometimes censor would mute the wrong player, or mutes would disappear on client reconnect

Fixed: level 5 medics always had 10 extra HP when picking a medpack. Now the 10 extra HP are only given if the medpack was dropped by a level 5 medic

Fixed: Players who kill themselves with their own bomb used to get a new one after being revived

Fixed: !nextmap now starts intermission and let players vote for next map (just like a "nextmap" vote) if g_mapVoteFlags flag 16 is set and gametype is Map Voting.

Fixed: default "commands.db" file was corrupted

Fixed: Don't !nade spectators

Fixed: !delrecords DELETEALL was not working because of a SQLite syntax error

Fixed: problems with high levels in commands.db

Fixed: When dead and following another player, v6 (vsay player class) was wrong. Now, it will announce their latched class

Fixed: crosshair names and class icon overlapping for disguised enemies

Fixed: Missing crosshair hint value when arming/disarming landmine/dynamite

Fixed: Do not play poison syringe hit sound on clients that we can't poison

Fixed: Missing weaponstats for Poison gas landmine

Fixed: Missing obituary message for MOD_POISONGASMINE

Fixed: Landmines ammo count could be wrong when too many map mines were planted (on baserace for example)

Fixed: Don't draw crosshair mine ID for map mines

Fixed: Spree/Multikill announce position now changes when client receives a notification popup

Fixed: Couldn't vote to enable friendly fire if other bitflags than 1 were set on g_friendlyFire

Fixed: New gametypes were missing in votes menu

Added: n_greetingPos

Added: n_killAssistances

Added: n_noSkillUpgrades

Added: n_tankMountDelay

Added: n_standCrouchDelay

Added: n_crouchStandDelay

Added: n_reviveSpreeOptions

Added: n_minNameLength

Added: n_crazyGravity

Added: n_crazyGravityMin

Added: n_crazyGravityMax

Added: n_crazyGravityInterval

Added: n_multiReviveTime

Added: n_LogCurrentTime

Added: g_DMOptions flag 16384: Enable intermission map voting

Added: g_dualSMG flag 2: Drop both primary weapons when players go into limbo mode

Added: g_poison flag 8: Can't cure poison with medpacks dropped by our poisoner (Requires g_poison flag 2 to be enabled)

Added: omnibot_flags flag 65536: Bots will use Poison Gas Landmines (if enabled) rather than normal Landmines

Added: g_hitboxes flag 16: Players can avoid bullet impacts when they are behind a player who has just been revived (Default ET behavior)

Added: g_realbody flag 2: body hitbox height lowered to shoulders

Added: g_realbody flag 4: Dead/Prone/Playdead hitboxes height lowered

Added: g_realbody flag 8: Crouch hitbox lowered to shoulders (more than original ones)

Added: cg_pmColor client cvar: Private messages color (Ex: cg_pmColor "1" will display red pm)

Added: cg_noGreetingSounds cvar: Let clients disable greeting sounds if they don't want to hear them

Added: ETPub style scoreboard double tap to sort players by XP or K/D

Added: demo_wallHack client cvar, allow using "real" wallhack during demo playback

Added: Global stats can be displayed in game using "globalstats" command (automaticly bound to "N" key if not bound to another key)

Added: Client notification popups (First blood, incoming PM/Adminchat, warnings...)

Added: cg_notificationFadeTime & cg_notificationTime cvars to customize notification popups

Added: "minimize" command (windows only)

Added: ETPro crosshairs (up to cg_drawCrosshair 15)

Added: ETPro style Extended ASCII characters support

Added: Player's hit regions stats during intermission

Added: "Best Revive Spree" Award

Added: "Best Engineer" Award: Most objectives planted/defused/destroyed/constructed

Added: "Best CovertOps" Award: Most uniform steal, satchel kills, satchel destructions, landmines spotted

Added: "Best FieldOps" Award: Most ammo given, most tank/trucks destroyed with arty/airstrike

Added: True player count in the server browser (requires original .menu file, don't forget to update your custom pk3s with this new file if needed)

Added: Adminchat window (similar to the normal chat box)

Added: globalstats in N!tmod>Controls menu

Added: adminchat window N!tmod>Controls menu

Added: Backstabs & UniformSteal stats are now sent to the master server

Added: Client game version is now displayed in !finger output

Added: Custom commands tag will now be replaced by the player's slot number

Added: Revive spree records are now stored in the SQLite database (inside "records" table, like other map records)

Added: New map records are now announced during intermission, previous records are also announced for comparison

Added: !crazygravity command: Toggle Crazy Gravity

Modified: Shuffle is now based on player's Global + local KD Ratio (local KD ratio only if global stats were not retrieved from the master)

Modified: Increased database max users from 32768 to 65536

Modified: g_revenge: Revenges give +1xp

Modified: Updated SQLite to version 3.8.5 (previous version:

Modified: Improved SQLite code to process queries faster

Modified: Improved entities code (Should considerably reduce server CPU usage on maps with a lot of entities or servers with a lot of players)

Modified: Artillery code now uses less entities

Modified: New Inactivity code: Old one was buggy and used to add some useless delays

Modified: Improved hit detection code for default hitboxes ( g_hitboxes 0)

Modified: New "votes.db" syntax (see http://etmods.net/nitmod_install.php)

Removed: n_SQLiteLogs cvar



Added: et_ReceivedGlobalStats(clientNum, statsBuffer) callback function

It is called whenever server receives global stats for a player.

'clientNum' is the clientNum of the client whose stats have been received

'statsBuffer' contains space separated values:


Added: LUA: ReadOnly access to sess.aWeaponStats

Fixed: G_LuaHook_ConsoleCommand was missing

Fixed: et_ClientBegin( clientNum ) callback is now only called once per map (ETPro behavior)

Added: et.G_PlayerCount(type) function :

t.G_PlayerCount(0) = Total number of connected players

t.G_PlayerCount(et.TEAM_AXIS) = Total number of axis players

t.G_PlayerCount(et.TEAM_ALLIES) = Total number of allied players

t.G_PlayerCount(et.TEAM_SPECTATOR) = Total number of spectators

Tripmine code has been completely reworked:

Tripmines now need to be armed

Once a tripmine is armed, it takes 1 second to become active (the beam is a little transparent when it's not active)

If it's not armed, a tripmine will fade after 15 seconds

It is impossible to arm an enemy tripmine

Tripmines can be disarmed (they always did)

Tripmines can be damaged (2 SMG shots) if g_damageweapons flag 32 is set (no big change here)

Fixed: team tripmine counter was not adjusted if a player disconnected/changed team and n_tripmineTimeout was enabled

Once a tripmine is placed, player will automatically switch to pliers to arm it

Added: Client Cvars Scanner

Added: Client binary checksum verification

Added: Cvar violations are now reported to ETMods.net master server

Added: Cvar Scanner warnings (n_NxAC_CvarScanMaxWarnings) before kick

Added: Active cheat detection (detected cheaters will be reported to adminchat and added to the server's NxAC violations log)

Added: server side "getss" command: /getss [name|slot#] (JPEG Quality: min 10 max 100 default 70)

Remote screenshots are now saved inside "nitmod/NxAC/screenshots" on server, player informations are saved in a .txt file near the screenshot file (names are the same, only the extension changes)

If remote screenshot fails, a violation is triggered, logged, and reported to adminchat

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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